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RPL United Season 27

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Right, I was hoping we'd get a session in before Thursday because Chris is away and I have to pick the team. As things stand, I'm going to be mixing it up from what we've been doing. I wanted to see what either of the two new guys are like on ANY at CAM in a 4-2-3-1. I've also been toying with the idea of playing one or both of you in midfield in a 4-1-2-1-2. The main thing we need to do is decide on a style of play and just stick to it. There's no point trying to play short if everyone just sprints away from the ball looking for through-balls, etc. I think I'd prefer a more liberal, play to percentages type style. As some of you have said, if we move the ball from back to front quicker, then there's less chance someone will get caught in possession resulting in a counter-attack. I think it is also important that we find at least one person that is prepared to sit in front of the back four. Whoever does this has to be disciplined. I don't want to see a playmaker there, either. Make your guy defensive, look to boost stats like strength and tackling, etc. Then just sit there, protect the defence and resist the urge to join in further forwards.

So is there any chance anyone besides me, Jay and Buchy will be on this evening? If not, I guess we'll just have to wing it tomorrow.

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Things went pretty well on the first night I thought, less so on the second obviously.

But 4-1-2-1-2 everyone knows there job and its simple, probably best one to role with given we havent played all that much together.

Your right about a DM, its absolutely essential we have someone who is disciplined in that role, its a match winning position albeit a less glamorous one

Its also important that the midfield in general do not get too excited and all getting caught too far up field. We need our RM/LM to track back and tuck in to give that DM support as he will get overran if everyone else just considers there job to be attack.

We kept stepping on each others toe, we need to all try and be aware of each others positions and not cluster our runs but make sure we use the space.

STs- One a fox in the box the other a floater.

CAM- First time passing try and spot the runs, play it simple but dont be afraid to try the extravagent through balls if you see a chance.

RM/LM - Dont get stuck too much on the wings but float in and out, put early crosses in, if you see a striker has a yard on the defender try and put that cross in rather than cut back. Also pass it across aswell mixing it up.

DM - Anchor the team, its your job to break things up, get it in the way, block the passes, cover defenders etc.

We all need to defend from the front though, hustle them, make sure we are blocking off passing options.

I am happy to do the ANY, I would ask though that its not the CAM spot thats left open for my player, thats a position where your player when not controlled will float about the pitch covering gaps, so if someone pushes too far up the CAM drops in, makes it difficult to have the impact a proper CAM should.

Thats my 2 cents anyway!

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The reason I prefer the any at CAM is because the only drawback is, as you say, when somebody pushes too far out of position the CAM will cover. The any can control this by correcting people when they're pushing too far. The problem with the any being at ST is it takes too long to switch to your ST and then it's obviously very difficult to make the proper off-the-ball movements. With that being said, if you're up for going on any and comfortable up front, we can give that a whirl tonight.

In that case, the first thing I'll look at is:


If I'm not happy with that I have some other ideas, so it might be wise for us to try to get on early if possible.

What I'm looking for from everyone:

Smithstock and Steely: I think you guys link up well. The thing I like is you're both switched on about playing that extra pass, or taking that extra touch that opens up the space for your partner, rather than taking a pot-shot as soon as you can see the goal. Just be aware of the cut-back to the edge for the CAM arriving late as I saw that go unnoticed a few times last we were on.

Jay: Try not to hang onto it too long. Just keep it moving but obviously without falling into the trap of trying to play the killer pass each time. I know you're a good CAM which is why I'm moving you here from the wing.

James and Humdrum: Try to follow the play and think of your role as support. So when we're defending you support your full-back/DM (depending on where the danger is), and when we're attacking you support your CAM/ST. When we have the ball on your side, stay nice and wide and make sure the easy pass is always on by being in space. Don't be shy about calling for the ball either. When the ball is on the opposite flank, tuck in and condense the midfield. It'll make it much harder for them to keep possession. The easiest way to hurt a team from the wings is to play one-twos up the line with the CAM; look for them.

I'll be making a glorified CB to sit in front of the defence. When I get the ball please don't all sprint away so I have no option but to hit it long. At the same time, I'll be looking to play it safe; if I'm under pressure I'll just get rid.

I just want to say something about patterns of play. The easiest way to hurt teams is to just put a bit of pressure on. Keep the ball moving quickly and be patient until there's a gap. I do think the ball was moving too slowly at times the other night, but I think the real problem is some of us were trying to keep hold of the ball, and some of us were trying too hard to force things when they weren't on. Obviously the easiest way to solve the problem is to practice together. One thing I'd say is to keep it simple. Move the ball inside, outside, inside, outside, inside, etc. Try not to just go up the pitch in straight lines.

The main thing is we need to all be trying to play the same style and be patient with each other while we're trying to gel. I think we could all do with talking a bit more, as well.

Right, now that's out of the way, what time can we all jump on?

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Good stuff sir, I can be on from 8:30 ish.

I think Steely's guy is tall but pretty slow so let's make sure the ball goes to his feet or we launch set pieces towards him. My guy is abit of a whippet so I can latch onto anything loose.

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Good stuff sir, I can be on from 8:30 ish.

I think Steely's guy is tall but pretty slow so let's make sure the ball goes to his feet or we launch set pieces towards him. My guy is abit of a whippet so I can latch onto anything loose.

I was gunna make him smaller again tonight, just wanted to give it a whirl but it was a bit of a fail. Just soooo slow.

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Good stuff last night fellas but it was pretty dire for me personally, I had three blue screens across the night after two router resets.

Let's not get carried away with the team praise though, we have plenty to improve on. We scored some good goals but there were a handful of situations where we held onto the ball too long, made a poor choice or provided the wrong type of ball.

That said however, if we get it right across the board, we could be beating teams by a Germany-Brazil scoreline and we improved massively on set pieces.

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Well played last night chaps, thought we looked dangerous going forward and strung together some great movesbut also pretty damn solid at the back thanks to Kev who protected the defense and dropped and filled in brilliantly, lost count of the amount of clearing headers he bust out. 2 clean sheets isnt too shabby at all!

We lost our way abit at the end of each match but that was more to do with Smith dropping in 2 and Mattie being a thug in the other but we ground the results out which is the important thing.

All in all, a good nights work :)

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