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Current gen console ownership - a poll by a nerd for nerds


Current gen console ownership  

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Right now I'm skipping this gen and going PC only. It'll take one hell of an exclusive on either Bone or PS4 to make me want to get one, I've become a bit spoiled by proper 60fps gaming now and I'm not sure I can go back.


I'd have quite liked a "plan to own a gaming pc" option.

This option is needed

The ability to not carry your last gen digital purchases over to current gen resonates on rllmuk.

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This option [PC] is needed

No it isn't, if he's looking at the difference between ms/sony/nintendo ownership last gen to this then whether someone is moving from, to, or remaining with PC is irrelevant. Besides, it's implicitly covered under "none of these".

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Not entirely irrelevant as it would be interesting to see where the gamers are moving to specifically after last gen ownership. None of these is too open and may be a mixture of PC owners, tablet & smart phone gamers or people that don't see themselves jumping to current gen for whatever reason.

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And even if it did 'implicitly' show them in the 'none of these' category (which it doesn't, as per simms), the poll hides away people who do own/plan to own current-gen consoles but also own/plan to own a gaming PC.

That said, it's entirely up to the poll creator what they want to find out from it, and seeing as this is a poll explicitly setting out to show console ownership, not to look at PC (or smartphone/tablet) gaming preferences, it's fine for non-console devices not to be included, interesting though I might find those stats.

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This is the first time in nearly 2 decades I've been a PC gamer. I still have my PS3 set up for the occasional blast on Demon's Souls, and my 3DS with most good first party titles as my occasional Nintendo fix but can't remember the last time I had either of them on. If I'm going to game it's going to be on my PC - but one change since last gen, I now use my PC like a console. With 360 pad and wifi mouse n keyboard on my couch and on my living room big screen telly.

I was a big 360 gamer last gen, but I feel they kind of cheated the eco-system buyers by not having cross play on your digital content minimum. That was a major reason I'm not getting one. I will definitely get a PS4 when its dirt cheap for Bloodborne and any other good exclusive RPGs but in the meantime my PC runs nearly everything on ultra still so I'm happy to play very cheap games for a few years :)

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Thanks for the replies. I still need to do something with the qualitative responses, but I have pulled together the following quantitative results and conclusions.





Based on the data supplied, the profile of console ownership amongst Rllmuk posters can be summarised as:

  • In the last gen the majority of respondents owned all three main consoles, with the Xbox 360 having the largest user base.
  • In the current gen, the PS4 is expected be the best selling console, with the Wii U second most popular.
  • The PS4 has a high initial ownership rate (41% of respondents own one, with 60% as many owned among respondents as PS3s). This is expected to increase at a slower rate over the future.
  • 38% of respondents own a Wii U, which has been on sale for a year longer than its competitors.
  • The XB1 has a lower ownership rate (14% of respondents, 17% of the Xbox 360’s ownership). However the ownership rate is expected to more than double over the console’s lifespan.
  • The Vita is marginally more popular than the 2DS/3DS.
  • At present 45% of PS4 owners, 40% of Wii U owners, and 25% of XB1 owners own no other current-gen machines. This implies that multi-platform titles will be more popular on the PS4, supported by sales figures of multi-platform titles to date, where owners will not have a choice about the format on which they can purchase multi-platform titles.
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