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Resident Evil Remake HD Remaster

Rain Birds

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I love, love, LOVE REmake, even if I don't necessarily like all the additions made. It is one of the few times that a remake has actually been better overall than the original (which I completed again on vita about two years ago - still an awesome game). They need to add an option to have the original voice work, though, as it's genius and permanently etched into my memory. It's clear all the VA's went to the Shatner School of Acting.

"Stop it! Don't open....that door!"

"I'm sorry, but he's probably..."

"I'm going too. Chris is our ol' partnur y'no"

"Blood? Hope this is not...Chris' blood."


"Here's a lockpick. It might be useful if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you!"

"Take a look a this! It's Forrest! Oh...my...COD! It looks like he was killed by a crow, or something!"

Richard is dying, covered in blood after being attacked by a giant snake:

"This house is dangerous...there are terrible demons....OUCH!"

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Wow, impressive difference - but I don't remember the GC version looking that bad! Rose-tinted specs indeed.

got to remember, we played the gamecube game on 4:3 CRT telly with RGB scart. All the jaggies were smoothed out, the blacks were nice and black. It looked amazing at the time.

The new remake looks even better, but it has to do that as we're now playing on massive 1080p LED tellies (with poorer blacks).

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Does it have a proper widescreen mode, showing previously unseen detail?

Seems to be, yes. A lot of the screens in the GC original scrolled as you moved, so maybe we'll be seeing more of the areas you're in. But one scene in that trailer took place in the infamous crimson head corridor, which didn't scroll, so they must have added 'scenery' to the left and right of the shot to make it wide screen.

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I think that the widescreen mode involves them cropping the top and bottom of the 4:3 image to make it 16:9; you can see this in the trailer posted above. I seem to remember an earlier article/interview saying that the 16:9 image would scroll within the bounds of the 4:3 original framing as required.

I don't think we'll be seeing anything that wasn't in the original background art.

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I couldn't resist buying this from Play-Asia as it has both English/Japanese language/subtitles and was only £20ish.


It comes with a reversible Resident Evil/Biohazard cover and 2 full colour manuals! (English and Japanese). Also a download code for a 'special video' that I haven't redeemed yet.

Played it for a bit last night and the 16:9 mode looks really good to my eyes, it's also a lot more difficult than I remember it being. It certainly washes the sour taste of Evil Within out from earlier in the year.

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Can't wait. Already been joking with a colleague at work that we've both played it that many times on that different versions, we can pretty much do it from memory. It's actually been several years since I played the GC version so will be interested with how much I remember.

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So this looks like another lazy Capcom "HD update"

There is no way the Gamecube version looked that bad in those comparison shots. Through a CRTV it looks amazing still.

Yeah, the GC shots look iffy from the ones the showed. I'm sure it looked nicer!

Also, i must admit i only finished the gamecube one by using the infinite grenade glitch that was in the american version.

I even played 90% of the DS version, which in hindsight was a bit easier and pretty fun from a handheld port - especially when you stuck waiting for a delayed flight.

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