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FIFA 15 - Season 34 - 1v1 sign-up


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Didn't read it but assumed it was a longer version of the same drivel where you embarrass yourself by begging to join the 1v1 league


Edit: been thinking about selling FIFA but really looking forward to the 1v1 league starting in a week or so.

You should get your name down for it by the way - it's aces

Just ask to join the league m8....

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When does it start and how does it work? Like game times and stuff like that

Mardigan (one of our admins) made the following PM and sent it out to all the new peeps. Should answer most of what you're asking...

Right lads, you are receiving this message because you have all made the brilliant decision to join the Rllmuk FIFA league. We still have a bit of time before we finalise the league structure, etc. but the Admin team and I thought it would be good to send you on some general information covering how the league works and what you will need to do. The details below are by no means a definitive list and if you need more information you can find it in the Football League folder threads under the Online section of the forum. Failing that just ping me a PM and I can cover any questions you have

1v1 League

  • Plan to have 4 leagues with between 10 and 12 teams in each league
  • Each league will have a dedicated thread in the Football League section of the forum to discuss fixtures, results and generally have a bit of banter as the season progresses and rivalries boil up to the surface
  • Team selection works from Premiership down with each player having a specific team to use throughout the full season (more details will be provided nearer the start of the league on the rules for team selection)
  • Every week a new set of fixtures are opened up on the website for you to schedule and play
  • All match scheduling should be done through the website
  • Each fixture is made up of a home and away game against your opponent so 2 individual matches per week
  • Each match should be set to 7 minute halves and 'Online Squads'
  • You have a 2 week window to get each set of fixtures played
  • Myself and the other Admins will monitor overdue fixtures and help keep things moving with the fixture dates
  • Fixture extensions can be given provided the reason and length of time is communicated before the fixture opens
  • Results reported through the website by both players with all stats automatically uploaded to the league table when both players have confirmed results
  • Match reports are also encouraged in the league threads on the forum and these vary from video highlights to a quick text summary of the key moments This is an important point as the league can be as much or as little as you want to make it
  • Oh and a knockout cup competition is also in place with a random draw carried out for each round.
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We are almost there sorting the divisions and selection order chaps.
Looks as though we start off with Premiership picking their sides tomorrow, Championship Tuesday, League 1 Wednesday and League 2 on Thursday, with the Leagues all starting on Sunday 19th

Still 3 more spaces if anyone is thinking about signing up or knows someone who'd like to join

EDIT - We may actually be starting selection this evening with Prem which means every subsequent league moves forward a day

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