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Costco - what's good, what's not?

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So I joined Costco. It's a confusing and strange place, with stuff laid out seemingly at random, with a mix of things less than half the price of a supermarket and a whole bunch of stuff that's actually more expensive even though you have to buy kilos at at time. I'm sure some of you guys have memberships, so what do you like it for, and what should you avoid?

This week I picked up a few packs of the chocolate chip brioche rolls that are on offer and I'm struggling to believe how good they are for the price. Easily as good as sainsbury's own brand, but instead of being 20.6p each, they're 8.3p (with £1 off a pack). They're not super-buttery but the crumb is light and the chocolate actually tastes like chocolate. Long shelf life for bread, so can easily buy a few packs to last a month without worrying and I'm sure they'd freeze fine too. Bit overpackaged, individually plastic wrapped and then a bag and then bagged again as a double pack, but I guess you can be sure they'll be as fresh as possible.

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The meat from the butcher there is really good. Check the shelf edge for extra offers, I got a few packs of chicken drumsticks at £2 off per pack so they were <£3 for ~1.8kgs each!

The cakes are really nice too

And obviously the pizza and hot dogs, don't forget to grab a handful of packs of the dried chilli!

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Most of the meat is good.

But the ribs are terrible. All bone.

Pitta chips!!! They're nearly half price at the moment.

Soft drinks are always good value. Boxes of beer too. You often find them on sale in Lidl around the same time as Costco.

I can have just one of their muffins for lunch and not be hungry all day.

Great for parties. Buckets of hummus and salsa. Halloumi.

The real savings are on the toiletries and cleaning products though, as you can get vats of the stuff and unlike food they don't go off.

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They used to be quite strict on it. They may have relaxed it a bit when the stands in shopping centres, etc. started popping up.

I do recall two lasses coming in and offering membership when I worked at GAME though. Only to be told I couldnt sign up as I'd need to be the manager. The only people I know who have membership are self employed.

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The meat is much better than anywhere else in terms of quality and cut - the pork steaks are fantastic (and thick enough to cut in half for two meals). As long as you have the space to buy in bulk, you can get some great deals (24 cans of Coke for 6 quid). You do have to be careful and know what the prices are in Tesco/ASDA etc to compare with.

The electronics stuff isn't that much of a deal, though.

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Wafer thin brisket pastrami

Skirt / flank steaks

Pork loins

All great quality and good value, that pastrami is incredible. Individual cartons of juice are cheap if you got kids, for school. Check dates on veg / fruit, they can range massively. Portobello mushrooms are good.

Electrical items are ok priced but the warranty / exchange policy make it worthwhile.

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Another vote for their meat which is way better than at my local supermarket (morrisons). Like Plissken says the Pork is great, by far the nicest I've had and the chicken fillets are spot on too. The salmon is also very good and they do some terrific frankfurters which are probably the nicest ones I've had in the uk.

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I've been a member of Costco for about 8 years, I do part of my monthly shop there. It's great, the quality of nearly all the products I've tried have has always been superb. The meat isn't always cheaper, but the quality is much higher.

What to buy.

Sausages from chill cabinet -18 for £4.99. The caramelised onion ones are excellent.

Mixed nuts - £9.99ish for a big tub

Fresh salmon

Part baked ciabattas- £2.89 for 8

Part baked baguettes - £1.99 for 8

Croissants - amazing!

Dishwasher tablets - cheap

Bacon - Scottish produce, 50 rashers for 7-8 quid.

Pizzas, they are good, not had them for a while as my wife is lactose intolerant.

Basically the Kirkland stuff is of excellent quality.

Offers come up all the time, 40 toilet rolls for £10, etc.

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Skippy's peanut butter, smooth and chunky in huge tubs for less than a fiver. I always buy their Lamb mince and freeze it as it is brilliant. Very tasty and no gristly bits.

The trays of Danishes are amazing. The swirly ones with icing and raisins are so soft and tasty, awesome. Also their apple pie is enormous and excellent. The only apple pie I've had that is so good you can eat it without cream, ice cream or custard and it's still great.

The ready to bake lasagne is very good too. Can easily feed four, has loads of rich meat and sauce and probably far too much cheese than is healthy but all the more lovely for it.

The problem with CostCo is the portions. Make sure you've got a decent sized appetite or freezer.

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Costco is great. I was there yesterday.

Keep an eye on the offers as some are really good. They send you a booklet every so often as the offers constantly change (every month or so)

As Chewylegs said, the offer on toilet paper is fantastic.

As well as the toilet paper, when it's on offer, these items are a must too:

Black bin bags - The ones on a roll.

Silver foil - 100mtrs. Lasts for ever.

These wipes are brilliant and can be used for almost everything.


There's lots of exciting stuff too like others have mentioned, but the 'boring' items I've mentioned here normally cost much more in a supermarket, are not as good, and run out before you know it.

If you're not shy or embarrassed there's always loads of stuff to sample while you shop.

One downside, is your membership needs renewing every year. £25 or so I think.

They don't accept credit cards either (apart from American Express). You can pay with a debit card though.

You have to be quite disciplined when you go as you could easily go crazy in there and buy everything.

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Like a lot of people have said, the meat is good. Not always the greatest bargain ever but ok for the good quality of the meat.

You've got to try the Pork Belly. Delicious!

Also, the part baked breads are good. Baguettes, Ciabatta & the small buns etc are very good and very cheap.

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Went to Costco again yesterday.

Some great offers around, like these for example....

12 packs (6x56 x two boxes) of baby Johnsons baby wipes just £8.40 inc. VAT

6 x 750ml Fairy liquid at £7.78 inc. VAT

12 Dove soaps for £4.54 inc.VAT. That's just 38p each. These are about 75p or so each in the supermarkets aren't they?

12 one and a half litre bottles of highland spring water for under £4.00 inc. VAT

6 bottles of Campo Viejo reserva (orange label) red wine for £35.98 inc. VAT

5 Ltr Filippo Berio Olive oil for £11.99 inc. VAT

10 cans of John West Tuna Steaks for £3.99 inc. VAT

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Who was it that said pulled pork? You win. Got the low-and-slow pack, keeps about a month in the fridge so great as a standby. £7 and six good portions. Bit too peppery I reckon but otherwise love it, gonna be mixing it up with some greens and whatnot to have in tortilla wraps for lunch. Anyone tried the lamb pack?

I recommended the pulled pork :)

I've tried the Moroccan lamb too, thought it was very good.

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