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Costco - what's good, what's not?

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I fucking love Costco. I once bought a barrel - a barrel! - of pretzels for a party and ate the entire thing before the day rolled around.

A barrel!

I did this too. I learned my lesson though and bought two barrels the next time. Hungry just looking at the picture.


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The danishs are excellent. However, you have to buy a platter of 12, 4 cherry, 4 apricot, 4 cinnamon and 4... other. And I hate cinnamon and apricot.

If they did all 12 as cherry, I'd be driving in with a fork lift.

But on the plus side, you are getting 4 for free...

Anyway, I love Costco. As mentioned, toiletries and cleaning products are usually great value (kitchen roll/toilet rolls/washing powders & liquids etc). Electricals are a bit hit-and-miss, some food is good value, some not so much.

Plus, there's always the fun of going around the store just to look at all the stuff you aren't going to buy!

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