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3 minutes ago, Stanley said:

Speaking of Autectre they have a new album out today :)


Not as good as their old stuff though. ;)


Must stress that is a joke with some truth to it but mainly a joke with some truth to it . I've not heard it yet.


I was waiting for the cd to arrive not realising pre orders give you a download too. :facepalm: I listened to NTS instead which was better than I remember (i barely remember it) Now my ears are all listened out. I think it's best to casually do every day things, engaged in the humdrum then immediately lie down, make your room pitch dark and turn speakers up load and be assaulted by sound.


There's a theory (it worked out so well with King of Limbs...) that there will be a companion album released around April next year, given Sean said in a stream chat that they have 2 albums ready. Again, i mean..no i'm just gonna say it, at least when Autechre say something like 'we have albums' ready they're not bullshitting and boasting, they actually mean it. RDJ is like a human cat.


I knew Sign would be warm because of the use of orange on the art, the assumption is the next album is gonna be green and more heavy beats. Also in the spirit of 'my uncle works at Sega...' someone who works at a printers saw the orange and green covers be printed or something then posted on watmm about it, a place where 99% of posts are juvenile.

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I couldn't wait a day. Half way through it..


If nothing else...wow Metaz form8 is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. It's rare for Autechre to be that open and emotional. It's like a rothko painting in audio form. It's like rhubarb..mixed with altibzz. It's making it seem like previous tear jerkers like VLetrmx and Pir and Rae were only scratching the surface. It is to this album what Dawn Chorus is to Anima, but better. 


Usually the stuff fans rave about I don't like. Don't like bladelores, YJY UX, treale, Yuop.


edit: psin AM is another stand out. 


I guess ultimately they didn't want any variation on this album, thinking it would detract.

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You’re bidding for the animated face thing in that link. According to the news sites anyway.


It’s crypto art stuff - digital files that have a unique signature (token) that make it more desirable than, say, a gif you can copy and paste. Or something. I don’t quite get it either.

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On 14/03/2021 at 16:46, stephen129 said:

I thought I posted this in here, but clearly not. Here's a cover I did of Avril 14th. I played it a bit slower than the recording because I quite like how it sounds (also because it makes the ending easier).



Blimin awesome.. :slowclap:

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On 13/11/2020 at 16:48, roobarb said:

Look what arrived today!!

Can't wait to make some tunes (dick around) with this at the weekend 





That GameCube stack is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

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