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The Sims 4


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By Maxis

Official Site

Release Date: September 4th 2014


It's Sims guys.




Went ahead and got my girlfriend the limited edition, custom Steelseries mouse and Qck mousepad. Now here's hoping the thing will actually run properly on her laptop as we did a "Can You Run It?" system requirement check and it didn't meet the minimum specs required. I swear, when I explained to her what all of that meant and how she might have trouble running the game, the utter disappointment and misery across her face was priceless. :lol:

Later I told her that the only component of her laptop which doesn't meet the requirements is the processor and that the game will probably run just fine. Probably.

I do have to admit kind of looking forward to checking this out myself. Had a ton of fun with Sims 1 (must've been 1997 or something), mostly with the building of stuff and constantly redecorating the house. Except for the mancave where all of the electronic gadgets were (including an Oculus Rift even!). That room was perfect from the start. I also recall setting Sims on fire. Good times indeed.

Oh I dread to think how the weekends will be when she's too busy with her Sims and therefore not coming over. I'll have to play Titanfall and watch Football or something instead. Damn.

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Yeah the lack of any sort of pre-release coverage is indeed a bit baffling.

EA doesn't seem to believe in their product?

Exactly. Given that people will buy this anyway as it's such a cash cow for EA they really must be nervous about the reception it's going to receive.

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Was thinking about getting this for my 8 y/o daughter who loves the Sims 3.

Then I read a list of all the stuff she won't be able to do in The Sims 4 and I just can't see the point at all. You can't build swimming pools for example and she loves that.

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Everyone's really captivated by pools it seems. Could you build them in Sims 1? I don't recall. Regardless, the game was still excellent!

People seem to be treating the removal of swimming pools as if that's some 'end all, be all' defining Sims feature.

Can't believe I'm defending the Sims...

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Reading the list of supposed missing features is pretty mind-boggling. It seems on the surface significantly less impressive than Sims 3. Now perhaps if they start filtering the missing content back in over time it could have a sort of minecraft like model building on the base game/adding content. You suspect with this being EA though they will squeeze every last penny out of their customers for a whole crop of features that were present from the word go even in the first sims!

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I think it's definitely worth waiting and seeing. I also read a very upfront post about the cuts they've made and the reasons why including, what it's allowed them to focus on. It's (naturally) very passionate and not lacking in some interesting talk about new pathfinding and multi-tasking that would certainly eliminate (If to be believed) long standing frustrations with Sims navigating the world and giving up on instructions you've given them because they don't have spacial or personal access to a person/asset.

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I bought this a few weeks back

Its not to bad tbh, I will post a little review below.

Starting Out

So like most sims game you start of by making your character, choosing his or her name, their height, weigh, hair, hair colour etc. You choose their aspirations and some features, i.e Genius, evil etc. Once your done you click go and heading into the world of Sims! There is two worlds to choose from, one is a grassed town and the other is like a sand town.


So you have 8 careers to choose from, you have the ability to specialise down a certain path. I will list them below.

Astronaut = Space Ranger or Interstellar Smuggler. At level 8 you choose which path you wish to take. The Space Ranger is more fitness whilst the Smuggler is more Programming.

Criminal = Boss Branch or Oracle Branch. At level 6 you choose which path you wish to take. The Boss branch is more mischief/logic/making people despise your sim whilst the Oracle is more hacking on the computer and making viruses.

Culinary = Chef and Mixology. At level 6 you choose which path you wish to take. The chef branch is more about cooking whilst the mixology is about mixology, having a lot of friends and charisma.

Entertainer = Musician and Comedian. At level 5 you choose which path you wish to take. The Musician branch is more about playing instruments, I would recommend level up Piano, because at level 7 a need is level 5 in Piano and play it for 10 hours. You will also need a few friends! The Comedian is all about having a high comedy skill and mediocre in Charisma. You will also need to perfom routines and earn tips.

Painter = Patron of the Arts and Master of the Real. At level 7 you choose which path you wish to take. The painter career has its perks. Selling items to the art gallery will give you 20% more then the face value of selling them. Level 8 - 10 paintings will give you 50% more. The patron of the arts requires you to master the painting skill whilst gaining Charisma to level 3. You will also have to discuss some aspects of art with other sims. The Master of the Real requires you to master the painting skill and produce masterpieces.

Tech Guru = eSport Gamer or Start Up Entrepreneur. At level 6 you choose which path you wish to take. The eSport gamer is pretty much getting your video gaming skill up and playing in tournaments online. You can also live stream games and mod them too to give you an advantage. The Start Up Entrepreneur relies on programming mainly, but I havent played this career yet so I can not provide any input.

Secret Agent = Villain and Diamond Agent. Not played this yet, will update when I know more about this.

Writer = Journalist and Author. Not played this yet, will update when I know more about this.

So my current game after messing around for a while testing out careers is a level 7 Criminal in the Boss Branch. Currently working on getting my logic up so I can promote to the next level. Half the town depsises my sim as I just offend them and then fight them and then declare them my nemesis.


Pools have gone, you can not edit the terrain apart from colour it. You can not lower or flatten ground anymore and you can not insert a swimming pool. The house building is a little the same as Sims 3, however you can place block rooms down and adjust them to your liking. You can also put in pre built rooms for a price that have already been made for you. There is also no auto roof option, so you have to actually put a roof on yourself and make it fit. Mine looks very odd at the moment!


There is no toddler age anymore. As soon as a Sim is born you can choose for it to live out its baby time for it will then grow into a child. Or you can click on it the baby and hit "age up" which will make it into a child straight away for you. Children have to learn skills to advance their grades in school also. There is no more just going to school and doing your homework to improve. I have had my child just learn violin and experiment skill to level 4 each so he can advance in his school grades.

I haven't been playing to long, but I have a nice 2 bed house with two floors, kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 bath rooms a study and a garden starting from scratch. I dont know if there are any cheats but I do not plan to use them.


You get certain moods throughout the game dependant on what you are doing. For example one is Energized which can be gained from having a brisk shower, this makes your sim energized and then going to the gym and doing a workout will make his skill rise faster. Flirty is another one which can aid you in relationship advances, focussed is another which is excellent for when you go to work, inspired, usually from reading something or browsing something on the Sim internet.

You can also get bad emotions. Like angry, go to the gym and do some angry reps to ease this, stressed so taking a bath or shouting at someone can ease this. Stress can come from "Work Hard Option" when going to work.

All in all its not a bad game, easily passes the time and some of the houses you can make are very nice. A lot of misc items also to place around your house, but be aware, you can not buy community lots, there is no cars, there are no swimming pools and you can not edit the terrain.



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Can't find anything about a mac release date.

I have just got my sim to level 10! Made a shit done of cash also but inviting over one of the people that own the big houses. trapping in him a room and killing him. Then marrying his widow and she brings with her a shit tone of cash! :D

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What's the point of getting new Sims games anymore? Like, really? I'm a huge Sims lover but like... isn't it always just "Let's release a new main game with slightly updated graphics and gameplay but stripped of all the components players really want and had to collect via tons of add-ons, and make them pay for those all over AGAIN".


At least that's why I lost interest after Sims 3. Is the experience of Sims 4 different in any meaningful way whatsoever? Then I might reconsider.

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I've been playing the trial of this and so far from what I've seen the game does seem to be the actual full TS4 PC game including build mode which is what I've found has always been a bit of a let down on non-PC games before. 


Im still not finding the actual control as intuitive or quick as with a keyboard and mouse but it's ok and I'm getting better at using the shortcuts they've programme in rather then just the 'mouse' option.

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Christ I don't think I've ever found anything with Origin straightforward. There's always some googling to solve some weird foible...  So if anyone else finds they can only "Purchase as gift" after jumping through their hoops and dodging the payment options you may need to log out and back in to refresh it to a "Buy for me" state!


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