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Wolfcop (2014). "Half cop, half wolf, all Wolfcop"


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Shame for you - what do you mean by "what little shine" ? for me this has the potential to become a stone cold cult classic. There's literally zero fat in there and it plays itself utterly superbly. The first maybe five to ten minutes we were looking at each other in a wtf way and then it just fell into its particular groove and was superb. Loads of fantastic one liners.

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From 10pm the previous night we'd watched the The Omen (1976), Switchblade Romance and Suspiria. Wolfcop was the penultimate film of the evening until we saw dawn break with a bacon buttie and Halloween (1978).

In comparison to what came directly before it, Argento's Suspiria (I've honestly never seen a film like it in the cinema, the way that man used audio visual witchery to freak the audience out is incredible), Wolfcop was washed out, plot free, unengaging chaff. It was most probably a combination of the time slot, the lack of sleep, the caffeine high and the utter headfuck of Suspiria that put me in a disinterested unreceptive state in the first place. I'll give it a second chance when the opportunity arises.

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