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shadowrun appears to be free with xb gold


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I believe the servers are shut down, yes, which makes it pointless. A shame though as it actually was a very nice multiplayer shooter - and I say this as somebody who doesn't like multiplayer shooters. The incorporation of magical abilities and melee really livened things up. Teleporting through a wall to kill the enemy behind it was always entertaining.

Just a shame there was no single player component, and that it flopped utterly, really.

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You're probably thinking of the new Shadowrun RPG for good word of mouth (or maybe the old SNES/Mega Drive games), not the cross-platform multiplayer shooter which got mediocre reactions at best from press and players and was basically forgotten very quickly.

Honestly, I DO mean the multiplayer shooter. I've got someone on my friends list who still plays it regularly to this day. Which means....

I believe the servers are shut down, yes, which makes it pointless.

Can't be right. IIRC, it was server-based, but shifted to P2P when FASA went under.

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