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Glastonbury 2015 Tickets


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Can't believe how quickly it sold out this year. Didn't get through furiously F5ing on a combination of phone/laptop/tablet personally, but a friend managed to get some for us pretty much as soon as he got on. Still not really sure what the best method is, but hope you managed to get through.

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from everything I read and personally experienced...there's no method.

I would say refreshing a lot on a single browser is better than a single browser with multiple tabs, as I suspect they kinda tie your tabs into the same session.

However using IE, FF and Chrome probably is good. But it is just luck.

to be fair on seetickets, previously there'd be loads of time outs and website fails. this time round, it just worked, the site loaded super fast for me every single time I refreshed, and then just eventually appeared with the form and I got tickets.

Sadly though "team 2" didn't get theirs, I think they screwed up a bit filling in details and while fumbling around it sold out. I feel sad for them, but can't help feel like it was their mistake (the details for billing didn't match the 'first' registration details I think, I don't know).

I feel like they should just do a true lottery where people get emailed a buy link tied to their registration, and then they wait for those and the links expire, then another round of emails are sent. They force people to register for each year so that you are paying attention and theoretically, this is fairer. Not without it's problems, but I don't think nervously shaking while trying to fill in a website that might fail on you is smart.

Of course "Glastonbury fairly dishes out tickets on well thought out lottery system" isn't as good PR as "RECORD SELL OUT AGAIN".

It was only a 'record sell out time' because their servers didn't fail. I mean I got tickets, so it's not because I'm bitter, iv'e been successful for the third year in a row, but I don't think a refreshathon is really fair odds.

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There were three of us trying to get tickets for our group but with no luck, same as last year. We all had two browsers each open. I got th holding page refreshing a lot but alas.

Someone I know on Twitter messaged me saying 'I managed to get through!'

Then messaged me saying 'Oh I didn't know you were supposed to register first'.

I, internally, went absolutely fucking spare.

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