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RPL Wanderers - Season 28


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OK this is it.

RealPete - seen some solid work from you at full back in the past

Bennette - Need you to be solid alongside Tom and Pete and keep a strong back line.

Defenders - HOOF - no pissing about with the ball, if you have a clear pass then make it, any pressure please just get rid!

Full backs - if you do roam forward, try and communicate with Charlie that you are doing so - he can try and cover your position as much as possible. I don't want too much roaming though!

Charlie, beast that midfield.

Midfield - make space and we must try not to all chase the same ball. Keep to position as much as possible and make yourself available for a pass. Wingers, without doing a first half injury, try and cover the full backs, especially Alison who will have to cover an unpredictable ANY behind her.

Tris / SatNav. Goals. That is it.

So this line up is how it will be tonight - those at the back will be rotated and will not be subject to a season in the back 4, so don't worry about having a stint further up field.

Good luck, judging by some of our practice games, we'll need it... :)

If anyone want to take MOTM votes or do anything fancy this season, feel free :) I just don't have the time to!

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yeah the problem is during the draft we pick what we know, and then the new folk tend to get picked at the end - this particular draft there was a big lack of defensive players, and I've ended up with the job of rotating the team. I know it's not ideal but during your first season / seasons you'll probably play at the back a bit :)

I'll be on from half 8

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Right, that was painful.

Some thoughts:

I really shouldn't be ANY. I don't mind playing it, but I'm really useless. This is evidenced by me generally being towards the bottom of the bottom division in 1v1. See also: rllmuk FC attempts at ANY. Someone's going to need to step up for this.

We have bloody tris up front! We need to get him more chances.

A shame that no one really stuck around after for more games to try get promoted (credit to Tomox who had to go through an awful game after with me). We're in Div 9 and come next week, will be decimated by the higher division teams.

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Hopefully I'll get comms sorted soon. I think the sound is just really intermittent?! Bloody thing. Not sure if the headset or pad are duff?!

Anyway, we need to pass and talk more as a group. Too often we tried to take on the world when a simple pass is what was needed. We'll get there, we've got some good individuals, just need to play together a bit more!

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I'd have stuck around, just really can't tonight :(

We'll have to have some ANY trials.

Agree with above - more short quick passing, just look at the goals we conceded.

Comms, yeah agree Tomox, not the best tonight so again need to shout if in a good position etc.

I'll post more in the next day or two.

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I don't mind playing as 'any' I also don't mind a season at the back. Like you said, we're slightly short of defenders and let's face it, anyone can bang in goals given the right service :) I think we should work from the back up. Sort out the defence so we are a bit more solid!

Agree with the passing thing, I'm not sure who it was but at some point one of our players had four people chasing him and still didn't pass lol! Was funny to watch... The first time hahaha :P

Anyway, that's just my two cents :) you're the boss, boss! ;)

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Well that went well for me last night.

As bad as other Fifa's have been in the past, at least I have managed to play them for more than the two minutes I got last night.

I am really not sure I am even going to keep the game if I am being honest. I was so looking forward to coming back to BAP with some old friends and some new people I had not had the pleasure to play with before, but the whole Fifa 15 experience has been such a massive let down.

I am not sure I can really justify keeping the game. For the first time ever, I really don't like the 1vs1, so keeping a game which I am only really going to play once or twice a week for someone who doesn't have the money to buy all the games he wants, may mean It would be a better use of my resources to just trade it in while its value is high for something that I will play more regularly.

Maybe once its patched, the game itself may be more enjoyable to play and if that happens I would be more than happy to buy it again after Christmas, but in its current state I just can't see myself playing it at all.

So good luck guys and girl, I am sure my skills won't be missed too much if I decide to leave, and with Tris up top, there is always goals in the team. Just make sure Hannay stays in defence, because as much as he doesn't really like it back there, he is actually a pretty amazing defender in BAP.

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You can't blame FIFA on your shit internet connection!! And you've been fine in our Friday night blasts. Plus I'm not allowing you to Charlie rage quit before the season has already started.

So stop being a pussy and make sure you are there next week. Ta!

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