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1v1 League - S34 League One Dressing Room


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This thread is for use by members of League One

kiko kylz

It is to be used as a 'home point' for discussion, results posting and match reports with your fellow league members.
Your admin is Jamin

#################Important Information#################

* All match arrangements should be made via fixture notes on the website.
* If a match has not been played during the initial fixture week, it should be arranged and a note added to the fixture via the website to ensure the admin staff are aware of your arrangements. If a match passes the fixture week without being played and does not have a note attached it will be deemed a foul offence.
* You are free to play games early. Results added to the site will be automatically revealed on the fixture date. You should not post anything that might indicate the results before the fixture date (this includes match reports, hints etc).
* You should enter your results on the website. If you have issues with the website contact SaintM.
* You must select ONLINE squads for all league and cup games.

*The home team (the host) is responsible for setting 7 minute halves and ONLINE squads set. If you are invited to a game without ONLINE squads, msg your opponent to reinvite.
* You must use TACTICAL DEFENDING controls for all rllmuk league and cup games. It's the default setting so don't panic if you haven't changed anything. The LEGACY DEFENDING control setting is not permitted.
* The use of CUSTOM FORMATIONS are not permitted either. Repercussions include a warning, points deductions and being removed from the league.

- Altering player instructions, tactics and roles are all fine. But you can't "adjust a player's position" on the formation screen. Doing so makes it a Custom Formation.

- You can use the team's default formation, plus any of the stock formations.

Most important of all, the main aim of this league is to have fun so lets keep it friendly and everyone will enjoy it!

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Same. I've been put off playing football games online generally due to playing largely the people who spam the tricks and exploits and pick the same three teams, so assuming I don't quit in a huff* this will easily be the most I've ever played online.

*this won't happen, real life has numbed me when it comes to football disappointment.

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I've put names down!

Not a clue if they'll work for me....! There seems to be a huge choice of 4* teams to choose from. Exciting times!

Looking forward to getting cracking. May have some comms issues for the first few games as the mic you get with the console has already given up the ghost. I'll get a new one ASAP!

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Tell me about, don't choose them! ;)

Had a quick trawl through the teams last night and stacks of 4 star ones like you say though worryingly all PL teams are so QPR, Burnley etc. Trying to whittle down to 10 and will send in shortly. Have no real idea how it'll work out but that's part of the fun. :)

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