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Daredevil - TV Series


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Yeah, it's an interesting bit of casting. I've not seen him in much since Who other than Broadchurch, but it's not going to be easy to see him as this dark and villainous type. Not saying that he can't do it, more intrigued to see if he can!

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I see they're now hinting that it will come out later this year, rather than 2016 as initially rumoured. So Daredevil and Jessica Jones 2015, Luke Cage and Iron First in 2016 and The Defenders in 2017, with a potential link into Infinity Wars in 2018?

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In most important MCU news ever, they've announced that Patsy Walker will also be one of the regular characters in Jessica Jones. Patsy Walker is pretty much The Greatest of All Time and should be in everything so I approve of this. Patsy's done it all, from 40s romance comics to being in the first actual Marvel comic to teaming up with Spidey against Thanos to hanging out with the Avengers to, er, marrying the Son of Satan and doing PI work for noted criminal attorney Jennifer Walters. She has no super powers but doesn't give a fuck and gets stuck in anyway and is always Absolutely Brilliant.

In fact she's way more fun and interesting than Jessica bloody Jones but hey, I'll take what I can get. Hopefully it's all just setting up this titanic battle in Avengers: Infinity War


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Hmm, were is his outfit? Did he have a similar look in that Miller origins story?

Should his suit be yellow?

Its the origin story, its based on Miller's Man of Fear which is excellent.

he probably graduate to his red threads at the end.

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