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Captain America: Civil War

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8 minutes ago, frumious said:

Did any of you know what "underoos" are without looking it up?  I didn't.  I'm imagining the entire non-US world going "that was brill, but what was it Iron Man called Spider-man?*"



*My first guess was "on the roof"


I imagine anyone outside of the U.S. who reads Spider-Man comics will get it, maybe it's just for that audience?

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I knew it had something to do with underwear but wasn't aware of the connotation of children's underwear.


Am so hyped about this film, but I actually would've preferred to be surprised by Spidey in the film itself, instead of seeing him in the trailer.

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The trailer also makes it look like Bucky shoots Rhodes (not saying he doesnt in the film btw) but just looking at the two shots makes it clear theyre from different parts of the film.

I'm expecting both sides in this to make bad calls, all exacerbated by the bad guys (who we've barely seen a glimpse of so far) leading up to a brutal "win" for the goodies where at least one of them ends the film in a body bag.


Best guess?


Caps obviously not making it out of this one alive. Im willing to put good money on it being Crossbones who pulls the trigger on him but I think theyll stick closer to the actual Death of Cap storyline and have Sharon Carter finish him off. Need to do some lifting during the film though to sell the betrayal as there is no realationship between them at the moment. Would be more shocking if it was Natasha that did him in....maybe they go down that road instead.


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Marvel trailers have been very good at swerving the audience, stitching together things to put them out of context or make them look like something else.


I honestly wouldn't be surprised if them all running at each other at the airport wasn't even in the movie.

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2 hours ago, Captain LeChuck said:

Yep, trailers are very good at tricking viewers into making connections that don't actually exist in the final film. A good example is Rey piloting the Falcon, followed by the falcon crashing through a forest.

Indeed. I remember the uproar on here when people thought the Ignominous Rex was controlling the Pteradactyls in Jurassic World.

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6 hours ago, Andy_Why said:

Also, and I feel we've overlooked it because of Spidey, but how good does Black Panther look? And The Raft! And the look of shock on Tony's face when the Winter Soldier tries to headshot him!


This, more than any other Marvel film so far, has made me completely revert into an excited child. I cannot wait.


And Crossbones looks awesome too.  So many costumes in this.

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