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Pier Solar


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Into Reality!
Pier Solar and the Great Architects is a Mega Drive/Genesis game that began its life back in 2004 on an internet forum. The game started as a homebrew mini-game but evolved into the biggest 16-BIT game ever, and shows many unseen features on the Mega Drive/Genesis hardware more than 10 years after the last original Mega Drive/Genesis release.
The Game!
Being a turn-based RPG with state-of-the-art aesthetics, Pier Solar tells the epic story of Hoston, a young botanist who is on a quest to save his father from a mysterious illness. With 64MEG of mega-power at their hands, WaterMelon have given players innovative battles, fantastic graphics with background scaling, mini-games and plenty of other surprises that will mega-blast the player every time!
The Enhanced Soundtrack Disc
By using the Mega-CD/Sega CD add-on for the Mega Drive/Genesis, you can enhance your Pier Solar gaming experience with the hi-fi soundtrack and ambient sound effects of the optional Enhanced Soundtrack Disc, which creates a richer atmosphere with stronger emotion. WaterMelon did what SEGA should have done!
The Consecration and Reprint
Due to massive demand from thousands of players around the world, WaterMelon had no choice but to make another run of its first game. The "reprint edition" features the exact same game as the original run, but comes in a custom made plastic box this time. Of significant note is the insert design resembling the "black grid" of older Mega Drive/Genesis games, the lack of optional disc and inclusion of English, French and German as playable languages.
I'm pretty interested in this, has anyone played it? Originally for the Mega Drive, there are now PS3, PS4, Windows and OSX versions, with Wii U coming on November 6th in America and Dreamcast (:wub:), Bone, 360 and Anroid versions on their way. Here's the trailer for the Wii U release:
It sounds like the lovely original MD run is long gone but they've got the reprint for sale and they're taking orders on the Dreamcast version. Is it worth picking up digitally for the game? I'm considering grabbing an MD copy just for my collection.
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I picked up the Steam version on launch and really enjoyed it for the first 2 or 3 hours I played it.

I got stuck though and I'm not sure how to progress (and then I picked up Shadow of mordor and havent been back PS).

I will return to it soonish though, probably post Bayonetta 2, as it was a really charming game, and very well written and presented.

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I think I'll grab the PS3 version tonight and see if I enjoy it. Either way though, the Dreamcast and MD versions seem like items which will vanish forever soon and only be available to people with more money than sense. As I'm trying not to be one of them grabbing it cheap might be a smart idea.

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Actually, on closer inspection it didn't come out on 2nd October, the Vita version was announced then? The first mention of it definitely said it came out then.

Either way, it's definitely coming to Vita because WM posted pictures of their Vita dev kits, and they've confirmed it will be cross buy so if you grabbed it now but didn't enjoy it on a console you'd have the Vita version as soon as it's released.

This picture confuses the situation:


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I'd be wary, tbh, I haven't heard very good things about this. It's got loads of press because it released on the Megadrive, but beyond that it's supposedly not a very good game. One of those things you'll figure you'll really like because you liked Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI but actually those games were made by people who were better at making games. This is more just a gimmick, a curio.

There's a thread on GAF if you want opinions from folk who've played.

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