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Detectorists - Boxing Day Special 75Min!


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It's great. Most of the time it's incredibly understated but then you'll get some sharp observation out of nowhere. I love it.

Phew, I thought it was just me - and yes, I agree. Sharper than it seems at first glance.

There's a lot of great background detail - like Lance's front room being all black shelving, the Tennis Girl poster and his car, as he regresses to his bachelor days.

The conversations are wonderfully realistic, too. The club rivalry reminds me of the computer clubs I used to go to back in the early 80s; same group of geeky, oddball characters, petty jealousies, one-upmanship and lame politics. Totally loving it.

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It's brilliantly written and performed.

There's this brilliant subtext to it too - Mackenzie's character spends his free time sweeping back and forth with a metal detector, walking up and down in lines. And his day job for an employment agency he does cleaning jobs, line painting, surveying and verge spraying. In other words walking up and down in lines sweeping a machine around. Clever.

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This was really great. I just sat through the entire 6 episodes. Well, the first is gone off iPlayer now, so I torrented that one (there's a good 720p rip on kat), but the rest is still there.

Nobody does these sorts of gentle comedy with a touch of drama and pathos in them like the brits, I have to say. Very much in the vein of stuff like The Cafe (which I also love), too.

Thanks smac. :)

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This second series has been as good as the first - but we only have two more (and the Christmas special) to look forward to.

The characters are even better and more rounded this time. The subplots are hilarious - Lance's past catching up with him and the saga of the Mayor losing his chain of office.

I really hope this stays where it is, a sweet and beautifully observed comedy on BBC Four rather than turned into a broader sitcom to appeal to a bigger audience on another channel. (It deserves a bigger audience though. Get watching!)

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