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Detectorists - Boxing Day Special 75Min!


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This week's episode had two brilliant moments for me.

1) The lemonade

2) Answering the doorbell before it rings

The second especially because it was something that was only alluded to in the first series, so to just throw it out there in this episode was particularly unexpected and actually made me snort.

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The BARB numbers seem to be fairly stable (no idea how good it does on iPlayer), it was ever hardly a huge thing, but is supposedly the most viewed comedy series on BBC4, but that might be the equivalent of the World's tallest midget.

It's enjoyable in that slow, country way.

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That was fantastic, heartwarming and intelligent.

I loved the way that episode started with the detectorist jargon, then later Lance saying to his daughter "there's a whole new language to learn".

And the subtle way

they showed Peter's van pulled over by the police

rather than making a big fuss about it.

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It's on iTunes, according to the BBC site. And on DVD. But if neither of those appeal, I'm sure you can find some less official means.


In completely unrelated news, I've now watched the second series and the Christmas special. Brilliant.

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