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If You Became A Billionare Tomorow..


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an english Billion is a million millon, an american billion is 1000 million, do you see?

Oh, contrare, I were under the impression, that an american billion was 100 million, and an english billion was 1000 million... no? Everytime there's been some confusion because it was like that...

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A) Get the Fallout 3 team and get it out the door, under a different name for IP issues (I guess - or buy the IP). That should satisfy people, and make me feel pretty good about myself.

B) Elite. Done properly. With full-scale worlds and 3D graphics. Oh yes. I'd dump millions into an investment to see it be done.

C) Buy major shares in Valve and Id Software to give me some leverage ;-)

D) Did somebody say funding for Speedball?

E) Sensible Software, back from the dead!...

So much you could do.

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Buy the Trocadero.

Truf out all the shops, and redevelop it to become the world's greatest Gaming museum/arcade/bar.

No more dingy corners. No more cack games. No skitters.

Just retro to modern, greatest games of all time in a stylish enironvment, not risking your life on knackered escalators to play a ten-year-old, sticky, knackered Daytona machine....Oh, for the olden days, with the new Sega World and namco Wonderpark....

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