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Hard raids for this week.....


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Tues Night 7.30pm / 8pm start

1. Barryl85 (29 Hunter)

2. Bonzai1888 (29 Warlock)

3. Robotfalcon101 (30 Titan)

4. Willei (30)

5. Spatular (30)

6. Harsin (30 Titan)

Weds Night 7.30pm / 8pm Start

1. Barryl85 (30 Warlock)

2. Bonzai1888 (30 Titan)

3. Robotfalcon101 (29 Warlock)

4. Willei (30)

5. Capp (29 Titan)

6. Moodmon (30 Titan)

Thurs Night 7.30pm / 8pm Start

1. Barryl85 (30 Titan)

2. Bonzai1888 (30 Hunter)

3. Robotfalcon101 (30 Hunter)

4. P1nseeker (29 Titan)

5. Spatular (30)

6. GRTgamer (29 Titan)

Ideally would love another level 30 on every run it having three 30's really makes it easier to complete in around 2hrs or less, we done it in just over an hour on Saturday with four level 30's.

I have got another level 29 wanting to join one one of the nights, will check with him what is best.

Let me know if you want in and when you can play cheers.

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Christ, those filled up fast! Put me down as reserve for any of those evenings.

Will do mate, yeah I didn't expect them to fill up as fast. I don't mind organising/helping on a Saturday one even if i get these ones finished to help others out get their loot.

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Not included in the main raid for this week?! :o;)

Put me down in reserve mate, ta!

:( you know you are part of our raid family gong, Soo Denim too.

Wasnt sure if you would have wanted to do a hard raid as I know some are not too keen. You wont be missed from next weeks and also I dont mind jumping in other raids to help out should they (you) need it.

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Heheh, no worries mate I'm just messing with you, spent too long listening to Robot and Rambo rip the piss :P Put me down for next week for sure. Le Chuck and gang graciously took me through a hard raid the other week, always for another one now I know how to handle the various sections, etc. I'll get that one piece of raid gear to reach level 30 one of these days...maybe.

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We're a cheeky bunch, hope everyone else who joins in has as much fun as we do :)

I could do with either a chest piece or a helm as I got boots from IB during the weekend. I have Viodfang Vestiments and Light Beyond Nemesis, either of those can be swapped out to get over the final hurdle. Hoping either Nightfall or raid will do so, fingers crossed.

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