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Closed - PS4 - Normal Raid - Complete.


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And thanks to bobbyinternet! Very laid back guy.

Thanks to everyone for the game anyway. It always gets easier after the first time, so I'm sure you'll get through it a lot more quickly next time. It's just a matter of learning all the roles and then you can hopefully make the right decisions when things go slightly wrong. Bugs aside, it becomes almost routine.

(Of course, raid or other appropriate weapons levelled up sufficiently also help a lot. Hopefully a few of you guys got a few of them.)

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There was a bit in the attempt where two of use died outside & Mike was on his own.

Rather than coming to revive us though he played on solo to focus on getting the away team back from Venus.

Amazing gameplay by Mike & re-affirms my comment about needing to be a skilled player to attempt the Raid on Hard.

I'll stick with Normal Raids.

Well chuffed for completing my first raid, thanks for your help guys.

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