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Suicide Squad - Will Smith, Margot Robbie & Jared Leto


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Rewatched on Netflix with the missus,  I think it’s the only comic book adaptation she’s asked to see the end of (watched it over two nights), most of the movies i already saw in cinema that turn up on streaming I think can’t have been as bad as i remember them but then she’s quickly as bored as I am


it’s still not an especially good movie, Jared Leto is almost poetically bad, but as a DC movie for a non comic book reader it’s much more entertaining than MoS, BvS (I havent bothered with Justice League)


Will Smith is a mega star producer, actor, hugely wealthy, I watch something like this and wonder why he’s not someone I actively seek out when he makes a movie, weirdly not cos it’s a great performance (it’s not) but dammit he’s a star. I wish that comic book movie he did about the drunk superhero had worked cos it really deserved to on the strength of the idea and the first half 


Missus really liked harley quinn & the enchantress especially, latter early scenes rather than later. She found the lack of plot baffling, I had to explain DC rushed to catch up with avengers and so was all back story and exposition, these scenes must have been amazingly expensive cos they are beskpoke to the characters then gone in seconds


I liked Diablo, especially when i realised he’s the dude from Bad Moms!


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Yeah, it was truly awful but not only that, it was incredibly boring too. The trailer for the new one is instantly better than anything in this film, even though I have no interest in watching it.

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