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CROTAS END Raid......


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So after our hard raid on VoG last night a few of us decided that next week we will try our hand at the new raid. Hopefully we can play from the very first day without needing to complete the missions, if we need to complete the missions first we will be able to start a bit later than the usual 7.30 / 8pm

We need a committed sixth member (possibly another if Bonzai1888 can't play as he is not 100% sure).

Also i'm going to be selfish and say i'd like them to be a level 30(to be honest this may be a requirement and not just a recommendation). I was once a level 29 myself and would be gutted to not get in on the action so apologies are in order but for the first week of Crota's end would prefer 30's.

This could possibly be a grindathon as are going in blind to learn the new mechanics but i'd bet will be a cracking laugh.

I also don't mind compiling a Team B if there is enough interest (again emphasising on the level 30 requirement)

Tues/Weds/Thurs 7.30 / 8pm onwards. Sat 12pm onwards

Team A

1. Barryl85 (30)
2. Willei (30)
3. Robotfalcon101 (30)
4. bobbyinternet (30)
5. Spatular (30)
6. Weavus (30)

Team B - Weds start

1. Jerec (30)
2. Captain LeChuck (30)
3. p1nseeker (30)
4. Capp (30)
5. Marmite (30)
6. Harsin (30)

Harsin and Marmite can do Weds night if anyone drops out!

Obviously we can use this thread to recruit members who can't commit the time to see it through to completion should we not manage to work the new mechanics out easily enough.

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If I cant play the tuesday... I will of course drop out for the full week.... Wouldnt expect someone to be dropped and let me in on the wednesday, al jist play the single player shite when I get on.

It looks like I am going to need another warlock level 29 run, normal or hard, ye know, coz the vault of glass is just a big fucking shit run for my warlock.

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If it's easier for B team, we ciuld could do it Wednesday. That'll give an extra day for anyone wanting to get to lvl 30 (Jerec!), and it'll allow some of us to go through the story mode.

I will be honest, I would prefer to pay through at least some of the story mode before attempting the raid.

Same here, and to be honest I doubt i'll be able to look at the raid until the weekend!

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Fantastic mate, glad to have you on board, were hoping for a Tues night start on the raid but might slip to Weds depending if everyone wants or needs to get through the missions / strikes.

Fine by me, don't normally get on till 8 though.
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