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CROTAS END Raid......


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Yep, same here on finishing tie (maybe even slightly earlier to be honest).

Probably wont be back in this thread for the rest of the day (doesnt show on Tapatalk for me) but see you all ready for 8pm. Doubt I will have my new helm levelled up by then so no chance of level 31, but my I stuck an exotic shard in to the mythoclast so that should help with the killing!

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Team B: Really sorry but I'm not going to be able to make it during the day on Saturday as it's my bloody works xmas dinner (in the middle of the day wtf?!). So you'll need to get a sub. Sorry guys.

Team B, if you need a sub I'd like to volunteer. Either warlock or titan, both lvl30. Chuck me an invite pleeeeeeze

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Yeah, sorry Marmite, we were checking here to see if you'd messaged, but we got droodling and Ben in (as we were missing p1nseeker as well).

Continuing later though, and I'm not sure if everyone is available from earlier, so look out for an invite. :)

I'll probably leave it tonight, played Destiny since pretty much after I got up. When I close my eyes I see thralls. Anyone fancy having a crack tomorrow as well, I'll still have the checkpoint even if the rest of you spank Crota tonight.

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I too got frustrated, but thinking it over I reckon part of that was our strategy not working. After some beer fuelled reflection...the crazy number of bad dudes spawned on only one side each time. I reckon splitting in two groups to do the wizards, and then having two attack the Shrieker on the side without the adds whilst the other 4 (one having jumped over to join em) pounds away at the crowd of bad guys to thin them out. Then everyone does the second shrieker and then the final wizard as a group...of course I could be talking out my ass and making it too complicated.

Personally I found the platform section much more annoying on my first couple of runs through VoG.

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