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Street Fighter V Champion Edition - Oro, Akira and... Luke?


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Well, at least the core gameplay is incredibly solid in my humble noob-opinion. Hopefully they'll at least sort the server stability out soon. This is truly a beta, even the challenges aren't in yet - and those are what a player of my skill level who wants to learn needs the most. The tutorial is completely useless but training seems fantastic... if you're a bit more advanced and don't really need those challenges in the first place. Sigh.


They should have properly launched in March (with the lobbies, spectator mode, challenges and a few others bit and bobs) and released the current version as digital exclusive early access for those who want to jump into ranked mp asap. Reading up on all the stuff they're planning to add in the March update, it looks like all those things will make the game feel a lot more complete. At least, I bob hope so.

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Here are a few Chun motes for dood:


6 hours ago, Nate Dogg III said:

Yep. Makes combos into super much easier though :)


chun's bnb is the first hit of crouch HP into LK legs, link crouch LP into LK bird kick. The longer confirm is stand MP, low MK into legs, and I think you can start with a low LP if you're close enough. 


At midrange just press standing HP a lot and win. 


4 hours ago, alistarr said:


Those are definitely the combos to start with, but I think Chun mains are going to have ti knuckle down and learn the harder BnB at some point:


cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK xx spinning bird kick


Ending with SBK instead of legs doesn't make any real difference to your damage total but it gives you such better follow up pressure. The legs ender basically resets to neutral, which isn't awful because Chun is good in neutral, but SBK gives you a knockdown which you can follow in with dash, jump or v-skill for a mixup. The v-skill is particularly significant because not only are you pressing your advantage you're building v-meter and getting v-trigger sooner.


Only thing is, it's a dog of a combo to learn by SFV standards because you barely have time to charge the SBK and you have to do two counter-intuitive things: one, deliberately input your st.MP a couple of frames early making use of the input buffer to effectively let you enter the command and then start charging before your standing attack even comes out; two, make use of cr.MK's long cancel window to input your SBK several frames later than you would normally input a special cancel. It's worth trying to learn it eventually though - maybe not on your first day with the game unless you just miss trial mode :-)


I played a lot of Chun in the beta and think she is good so I can try and type some mote notes later if nobody else beats me to it.


4 hours ago, alistarr said:

Also f+MP is the win button! Just walking and doing st.MP then f+MP is so good in these heady days when people refuse to block.


3 hours ago, dood said:


I'd really appreciate your mote notes, dude!  Thanks for the advices! :)



So Chun should play slightly more aggressively in this game than in SFIV, I think. Her walk speed is great, throw ranges are slightly shorter than IV but that's okay as long as you know it, and now you have crush counters then throws are still scary. Walking up and mixing between throw attempt and a well timed b+HP crush counter can be quite effective when you've got them on the run.


Her v-trigger is good in that it doubles hits on medium and heavy attacks, all of which do grey damage on block so even if your opponent blocks everything you can get that grey life happening and make the next interaction quite scary for them. But ideally as with most characters you will save v-trigger for cancels and combo extensions - in Chun's case, the best examples of this are cancelling her cr.MP slide, for example under fireballs or when your opponent is standing rather than blocking low, and continuing into cr.mk xx whatever. For example:



If it works on GoD it will work on anyone, right?


Her v-skill is a short jump which seems good at first, then not so good when people start anti-airing it, then good again when you figure otu how and when to use it. The best example I have is after that harder BnB I mentioned - in the corner you can v-skill to chase them down and do ambiguous j.MK or stomp mixups (or both!) and give yourself a great chance at a second combo off that knockdown.


Basic BnBs Nate noted are good, and it can be worth using EX for EX legs at the end for a bit of extra damage and distance. In the early beta tests most Chun players were using EX legs at the end of the combo whenever they had meter. So that's:


cr.HP xx legs (L), cr.LP xx SBK (L, and you can cancel to super)

cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK xx legs (any, and you can cancel to super)

cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK xx SBK (harder combo)

v-skill, stomp, stomp, stomp xx air EX legs


some v-trigger only:


df+MK (overhead), cr.LP xx legs (L) xx super

st.MP, f+MP

There are more but I've forgotten them sorry :-(


some v-trigger cancels:


cr.MP xx v-trigger, cr.mk xx tings

st.HP xx v-trigger, tings

nj.HK, b+HP xx v-trigger, tings (for a big punish, though to be honest you might be better just doing nj.HK, cr.HP xx SBK and continung pressure, save v-trigger for later)


Her super starts up in 6 frames which is better than her ultra in IV but obviously not as good as her super in IV (you can't just punish every-darned-thing with it). You can use it as a combo ender on any combo ending in lightning legs, or you can just confirm from single pokes, for example her df+HK hop kick thing (which is the same as it was in IV).


Anti-airs are st.LK, b+HK, nj.HK and air throw.


She has a lot of good buttons and her basic game is to poke the opponent until they've been convinced to block, then walk in to pressure with throw, crush counter, and just more buttons. Try to resist the temptation to random v-skill to get in because good players won't allow it after the first few days. Some buttons I like:


f+MP is a great poke which catches a lot of people out, especially as a loose frame trap after st.MP (you can even do, say, a blockstring of cr.LP, st.MP, f+MP, st.HP, which leaves lots of nice gaps to catch people pressing bad buttons and convince them to stop doing so).


cr.MP as mentioned is great for cancelling from range into v-trigger, and is your go-to move to get around fireballs. You have to stand slightly closer than you would for a hazanshu in IV but it's very doable.


st.MK has great range and is probably her best longer range poke.


cr.LP is fast and can confirm into BnB.


I could go on because loads of her buttons are excellent but I'll leave it there for now. Oh, her crossup is j.MK in this game so train yourself out of the IV habit of using j.LK.


Lightning legs are no longer safe on block, so try to stop your hit-confirm before inputting legs if you see the opponent blocking and go to a long range poke or walk-up depending on the situation instead.


Generally she does well against most of the case that I've seen, I'd say she probably actually struggles more against ranged characters than rushdown in this game, which is slightly different to IV - some of the real zoners just have great footsie buttons and Chun's buttons aren't as all-conquering as they were, however they're more than adequate at keeping out the rushdown characters so far just because of how the game works. I had success vs JLM's Laura but not so much against his Rashid or Birdie, for example. So a good secondary might be someone who can make life hard for ranged characters - a Necalli or a Laura or a F.A.N.G or a Vega, maybe. Against JLM I switched to Birdie just because he's day one top tier and Rashid can't deal with him at all, apparently :-) But at this point I'm speculating because it's too early to really know much about matchups!


Oh and here's a quick video I made of two hard things you might want to learn, first is instant-air legs and the second is that BnB into SBK. I'll copy my notes from the video description below it.



I left in a couple of examples of me getting it wrong first, might help understand the timing.


Instant-air (IA) lightning legs as shown here: quarter circle forward, up-forward, down-forward, kick. Very quickly.


Instant air (IA) lightning legs the other way which doesn't move forward as much (better sometimes): neutral jump, quarter circle forward, kick. Very, very, very quickly.


Bread and butter (BnB) combo into spinning bird kick (SBK): cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK xx SBK. Because SBK is a charge move and the combo includes a standing normal attack, you have to be a bit clever with the game system to get enough time to charge. First, press st.MP as early as possible, i.e. 3 frames before the cr.LP has finished (SFV allows you to press the next button a couple of frames early and have it come out as soon as possible - this is called an input buffer) and press down immediately after inputting your st.MP, then do the same slightly early input with the cr.MK if you want. Second, don't do the usual immediate cancel from cr.MK to special move - delay your input a moment until the yellow flash of the cr.MK is on screen. It feels weird at first but you'll get the hang of it. This lets you make full use of the frames where the game freezes to show the cr.MK hitting (usually referred to as hit-stop, which is different to hit-stun) to get as much charging time as possible.


Not shown: lots more footage of me messing this up before I got it right.

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Ranked is proving useless in trying to find a match. I'm about if anyone wants some casual games (Capcom ID: craig-). :)


I feel dirty for enjoying Ryu so much. His succinct, heavy hitting combos are fun to do and trying to parry everything will be the death of me many, many times in the future, I'm sure. 

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I'm not having any problems finding matches at all, but it quite often fails to connect to the server afterwards although not entirely sure what that means.

My cammy is rubbish, but going up against ryu and kens is fine, get the odd fang in there its just massively confusing. No idea what he's up to.


pretty sure I just had my first rage quitter too. Lost connection right at the very last hit.

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Excellent Chun things, Alistarr. I promise to steal them all.


Another V-Trigger thing you forgot was F+HK overhead, cr.LP xx Tings. Agree there are probably loads more though.


Played a Laura earlier who rammed home the extent to which I am still basically playing this like Street Fighter II. I end most rounds with full Trigger bar which is just silly really. Lots to learn.


Sadly the connections don't appear to be much better than the beta, still having some mad games of teleporty nonsense despite limiting connections to 3-5 (as recommended by Capcom). Definitely the exception rather than the rule but when it's bad, my god, it is so, so bad.


Zangief is so scary in this.

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2 hours ago, Nate Dogg III said:

Battle Lounge creation borked for anyone else? Was going to have a few games with Donut but it wouldn't let me create. 


Had my first ragequit. Came after the KO but I still didn't get the points. Hmph.


I had that last night, but after multiple attempts I managed to get a room going. Tried inviting a friend but he kept getting failed to connect messages. Smooth.


I connected to joffo first try though, then got booted after our first fight :(


It also seems that if you idle in a battle lounge for too long and press too many buttons it hangs on you. No way of backing out or quitting without closing the app. Having trouble adding IDs too.



2 hours ago, Nate Dogg III said:

Four betas.


Well, technically five and counting...



It's nice enough, though. Just wish it worked.

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FANG is excellent yeah. If his fireball wasn't down-up I'd use him a lot more but that motion just doesn't work for me. Brain won't allow it. 


Have played a few of them online already. Not one of them using v-skill. There should be one on the screen at all times, because stuff on the screen is the very best. Especially slow stuff. 

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1 hour ago, Nate Dogg III said:



Played a Laura earlier who rammed home the extent to which I am still basically playing this like Street Fighter II. I end most rounds with full Trigger bar which is just silly really. Lots to learn.




One way to remedy that, with any character, is to spend a few games ignoring v-trigger but using your v-meter for v-reversals through every blockstring. It'll get you in the habit of checking the meter really quickly without having to worry about what to actually do with a trigger, and it'll at least be useful in escaping a couple of pressure situations each round. Then you can start thinking about what else that delicious meter could be doing...

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I still haven't played a single round of this since it became "available" today - used all my measly bits of free time just searching for matches or trying to set up games with friends to no avail. Not really winning the hearts and minds of the all-important busy parent demographic, so far!

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I don't mind it launching now with content to come later - totally fine with that. If people want a story mode, they can wait until they get a story mode or whatever. What isn't ok is launching with x amount of mainly online modes and then not working. 


Anyone using the PC version, to save my having to lug out my PS3 TE stick to experiment, do they work now? I heard they wouldn't at launch but are being patched in later and only 360 sticks work atm

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Survival modes are always pretty boring because fighting the CPU is always pretty boring. Easy surival is more interesting because of the supplements to gamble with but even they're random so I dunno. It doesn't matter, of course: I just want to unlock the colours.


Apparently you have to complete Survival on Easy, Medium and Hard with each of your character's costumes to unlock colours for those! Wild (or unlock now for just 1000 Zenny! Probably).

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The SF4 one was better because it had those weird modifiers like hidden meters, no blocking, etc. I'm still sad those options never got added to the standard multiplayer modes.


I suppose it was also better because I didn't know how to play. There's only so many time I can do j.MK, st.MP, st.MP xx tatsu in my lifetime and I don't want to use them all up now just because the online lobbies aren't working.

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Went the long way home to pick this up. That 6GB patch, man. Still not done. Also I'm dreadful. Tried to do a V-Trigger combo with Nash, it's impossible. Love it. About to head back into training and try some of the new mans. 


It does seem shockingly bad feature-wise, aside from training mode. That tutorial is just awful.

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