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Street Fighter V Champion Edition - Osu! Tatakae! Oro n Dan!

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Mm, Mika's design is a bit stupid, and OTT, and dumb, but then so is Street Fighter generally. This is a series that has had greased turks firing men out from between their legs and Russian wrestlers sitting on faces...

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I think it's Cammy that's bugging me really. Mika is still fairly consistent with her Alpha design. But Cammy certainly has changed for seemingly no reason other than to add boob physics.

yeah, theres a few things in Cammys design that bug me, why is her bellybuton visible through her suit, why did she grow 2 cup sizes?

OTOH I think Mika is fine, but they should have left in the heart pasties on her cans. Everything about her design is 100% goofy pro wrestling that her reveal made me grin like a loon.

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To be honest, all of the female designs are a bit… awkward? Definitely a bit sign of the times, but even Chun-Li looks likes she's from DOA. Just a matter of visual execution, but still it does bug me. I have to say, as lovely and impressive as the character close-ups remain to be, the overall game disappoints slightly in the graphical department. SFIV was more comic style, this seems to be somewhere in-between reality and comic book. The music. Wow. After the awesome soundtrack of SFIV this is utterly forgettable. Hope much of it is placeholder.

As for the game itself, Ryu feels slippery. Input seems to be hyper sensitive to the point that I couldn't control my CA's (I know how to play, I'm just not very good at it and still play with SFA3 instincts as that's the one I've played most). In training I'm just constantly triggering them unless I turn the gauge off. Pleasantly surprised with Nash. There's a slowness to him that seems to compensate for charge moves in a shoto package and his range of moves are very nice. Can't play with him to the degree I can with Ryu (as Akuma is MIA), but it feels like a nice transition to try something different at all.

Also f*ck Cammy. Dear lord. I'm not sure what's happening there, but I dread each match she shows up in. Usually justified as well.

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I managed three games last night, after a nice kind person supplied me with a code, and boy do I suck. I have played a bit of Chun but she feels quite different to her SFIV version and I think the hours of practice with Elf means I have lost any fundamentals I may have had (though it is doubtful I had any in the first place).

Perhaps I just met good players but I truly felt out of my depth and very bobbins, though then again I felt the same way with vanilla SFIV so perhaps I can only get better :) that and this game sorely needs some Saikyo :)

Anyway I will be on again tonight, Ono willing, and shall try to improve :)

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So I managed to win a couple of games to stop my 10 game losing streak. Mainly by trying to block everything and do some light weight punish. I've been practising cr.mk XX sbk and cr.hp XX legs which I can do in training but manage to fluff it every time in a match. I also had one match which was one round all but then I had a brown out which was less than helpful.

Anyway I like the V-Trigger which is groovy and powers Chun up nicely.

Anyway her is a video of my work in progress, very much bottom of the scrub barrel but at least I can see where to improve,

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After all the time spent circling round the menu the other week tonight I finally get my first game of Street Fighter 5. I pick Ryu since he seems the best choice to start off with and get put up against a player using Nash who initially seems to know what he's doing with the new systems. I just about manage to beat him in the first round, then in the second round by pure luck totally destroy him and as I land the last blow and Nash is about to hit the ground........player has disconnected :lol:

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Had a session on this today exclusively playing Chun Li, really enjoyed it. I think she's my favourite character so far

When I first saw her V Skill I got the impression you should be using the hit to start a juggle, but now I realise you actually just use the movement to get setups on people - and it's crazy good!

For example back throw, dash forward, v skill puts you right on top of their head for a filthy cross up.

Her forward MP is insanely strong and is a great poke behind her fireball. Her forward HK is a great counter to people trying to deal with tick throw pressure it goes over lows and blows up grab. On counter hit you can link stMP, crMK, legs.

You can link crLP after her LK legs!!

You can cancel bHP with V trigger and link crMK!!

Her V trigger makes all her moves hit more times and allows juggle. I haven't been able to experiment much but to think there's poential there.

Never been a massive fan of Chun Li but SFV version is a real blast!

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