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Street Fighter V Champion Edition


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10 hours ago, joffocakes said:

Yeah they put the CPT bundles back on sale during the Pro Tour so it'll come around again I'm sure. Usually at a discounted price since the packs were a wild £19.99 each initially. They've been as low as £3.99 for the 2016 one and £5.99 for 2017 (the one with Du's Guile).

Thank you kind sir, now we just need Dan in Season 6.... I still miss shades :(

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Dabbled briefly with Seth last night (well, very early this morning) and some of those combos are very fun. His VTrigger 2 is like Yamcha's spirit ball from FighterZ; you can control it after release with a punch and direction. I was not able to make good use of it but it definitely looks built for tricky reset antics rather than the damage extension of the other trigger. I'm looking forward to seeing what more skilled players are able make of it.


The Launch Trailer is up on YouTube too.



Looking forward next week's netcode update and maybe finding out a bit more about what future support the game will see. Costumes and maybe another ludicrous CPT pack are likely, a PS5 version is also rumoured (everything about everything is rumoured to some extent)?


Where's Rufus?


I realise I'm basically posting in this thread to an audience of myself these days.

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Idly looking at the Champion Edition upgrade on the PS store, apparently I'm not eligible to purchase it because I own the following?


Street Fighter V - Character Pass 2017

Street Fighter V - 2016 Season Pass


I'm pretty sure these were just the bits and pieces that came with the Arcade Edition. So can I not use the upgrade - do I have to buy the whole game again?

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I've seen a few people mention that; I had no issue picking it up as a pre-order despite owning the character passes but since the Champion Edition launch I've seen folk get the ineligible message.


PSN stops you buying games you already downloaded from PSPlus on PSNow in that manner too which can be annoying if you see one on sale but don't intend to renew your subscription. 


Maybe getting the CE Upgrade Kit from a 3rd Party key reseller would work?

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1 minute ago, joffocakes said:

Maybe getting the CE Upgrade Kit from a 3rd Party key reseller would work?


I'm not that fussed to be honest, it sounds like something that shouldn't be happening so I'll just assume it'll get fixed at some point and keep checking back every couple of days to see if it's working yet or not.

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An official netcode patch from Capcom rolled out early this morning with mixed reports so far. It all follows on from a couple of fan-made, PC-only patches released last month which aimed to fix an issue (which has existed since SFV's pre-release beta tests) where the game wouldn't correctly re-sync for both players, causing "one-sided rollback" on less-stable connections. This often meant the player with the better connection would experience constant rollbacks with characters teleporting all over the screen.


The fan patches (first from Altimor and a later, adjusted patch from Fluffysheep) let the game resync mid-match and fixed the issue for PC players. Folk reported almost-offline match quality against players thousands of miles away, as long as they also had the same patch installed.


The problem is this patch could not be applied to PS4 and made crossplay between platforms less stable than before. It was recommended that players filter matchmaking to their own platform as a result, splitting the playerbase.


So Capcom's patch released this morning with no information on what it did beyond "A netcode adjustment". It has disabled the use of the unofficial patches and appears to resync mid-match now rather than only at the start of each fight. There were plenty of knee-jerk reactions to this, suggesting the netcode was even worse than before while others insisted it was a massive improvement.


Getting rid of the fan-made patches was probably necessary to ensure consistency of performance for everyone (and to close the door on anyone modifying it themselves to deliberately hinder their opponents' connections) however it's not gonna earn them any goodwill unless online feels notably improved. And they probably don't deserve much goodwill anyway, considering how long it took attempt these improvements in the first place.


They're accepting feedback via their SFVServer twitter account though with their Tokyo Olympics "Intel World Open" event starting soon, an online tournament, I doubt there will be drastic adjustments until its over. Let's tweet at them to retro-fit rollback netcode into USFIV.


tl;dr: Capcom patched Street Fighter V's netcode this morning. It disables the unofficial PC patches made by fans and it's too early to know if it's better or worse.

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Ah just love editin' posts.
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