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Street Fighter V Champion Edition


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Those tornadoes can absorb a fireball and stay on screen long enough for some crossup nonsense? Oh man. I guess it's probably a VTrigger (EDIT: It is: you can see a split-second of the activation effect at the start of it)? Looks quite interesting; the trajectory and momentum of the wall bouncing stuff reminds me of Rolento.

I don't like the look of the Critical Art, though; it's got that same Warner Brothers look of Akuma's Ultra 2. Maybe not quite as bad as that. I'll change my mind if he shouts "I'm sexy!" when he lands.

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Looks alright. I'm not super hype at present but remain willing to be convinced. Even though he's a new character he seems (and I appreciate this is day 0) a bit cobbled together with bits of other existing characters within the universe.

Anyone suggesting this is somehow racist needs their head checking. Or at least do some research first and state why. It'd be like people getting cross at an English character in a pair of jeans and trainers called Dave.

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Comments for those videos have people berating Capcom for announcing an Arabic character on 9/11..


Completely agree. No mention of any arab - particularly one in a cartoony fighting game revealed in an event in Dubai, should be made on 9/11. Totally disgraceful :wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko: EDIT - I think I need to now point out I am clearly being sarcastic and wolfkrone is a fucking moron

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I agree. I like the character. But holy hell on 9/11 of all days

Can you elaborate? If the character was white would Capcom have to avoid announcing him/her on the anniversary of any atrocity committed by a white person?

Has everybody lost their fucking mind?

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