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Street Fighter V Champion Edition


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Rashid then.

Fun. So much fun.



Cr. MK is much better than I thought it would be. Given his mobility options and rather gimmicky design I didn't think he'd have a

solid low grounded poke like this. Cancels into spinning mixer and combos into light spinning mixer at max range. Can also get medium

and EX spinning mixer but this whiffs on crouchers depending on character/spacing. Jab spinning mixer on hit appears to be neutral if you don't mash for the extra hits, and it still does a few

hits before you need to mash, so the move itself is a hit confirm.

Standing MK is fantastic. I was fighting against Karin and this button was a life saver when everything else was getting stuffed.

It's really active, has good range, seems to have an excellent hitbox and you can combo normals into spinning mixer on counter hit. Not cancellable but it would be pretty stupid if it was. Really beefy, satisfying normal. Love it.

Standing LK is great. A lot of characters in SFV seem to have very short range standing, erm, shorts used for harrassment on offense

and to slip in the gaps when under pressure at close range. It's very reminiscent of Rolento's standing light kick in SFIV. I believe

this is Rashid's only 3f normal and it's essential.

Cr. LK has good range and is chainable but not cancellable. Doesn't look especially fast but still pretty useful.

His jabs are OK-ish. Don't look to be among the best in the game but you can do simple hit confirms from them.

Crouching MP is a solid anti-air. I've noticed a lot of normal anti-airs in V have noticeable forward movement attached to them so

they're a bit more forgiving in terms of spacing. That said, this one does still need to be spaced properly or you are done.

Stand fierce is decent whiff punisher. The animation moves Rashid back out of the way and lets him slap their whiffed poke. It's like

a slower but more beefy version of Gief's standing MP in SFIV. Nowhere near as all-conquering as that Gief button but is somewhat similar. Causes a spin state on crush counter that is easily confirmable.

Crouch fierce is a very violent looking two hit swipe move that's really active and looks good for meaty pressure. Also a situational

far anti-air if you get it out really early. On hit it links into standing medium punch for tasty damage.

Standing medium punch is decent. It's almost identical to Yang's from SFIV. Combos into itself on counter hit and combos into

crouching medium kick on regular hit. Is also cancellable. In fact, almost all of his buttons are cancellable.

Stand roundhouse is a really weird somersault kick that goes over lows and appears to be completely safe on block but has quite a bit of start up. Slow-ish start up but once it's out it's beastly. Squashes everything and causes a juggle state on crush counter. You can follow up with spinning mixers or normals cancelled into v-skill etc. for reset shenanigans. Really good button but it takes some getting used to.

Towards + fierce is an excellent overhead that also goes over low attacks. Good range, decent speed, low crush. Really good.

Towards + MP is a two hit double chop attack. He stands up really tall when he does it but it still hits both times on crouchers. Pretty good and useful for pressure.

Jumping normals are a mixed bag. Jump medium kick is a really good cross up that has a much better hitbox than the animation would suggest. Jump light kick appears to be absolutely useless. Jump jab and jump strong are both solid air to air. The money button is jump fierce though. It's like Cody's from SFIV. Double handed slobberknocker of a button that hits all the way to the ground and appears to be massively positive on hit and block. Beastly.


Spinning mixer. QCF + punch. Light is horizontal, safe on block, neutral on hit, can mash for extra damage and knocks down if you mash all the hits out. I believe mashing out the hits on block makes it less safe.

Medium version is similar but travels upwards at the end and allows for juggles if you don't mash out the extra hits. Can juggle EX spinning mixer and you can also get super in the corner.

Heavy is completely vertical. Good anti-air but has some start up so you have to be more than ready for the jump-in. Actually somewhat decent anti-cross up but it can be stuffed if the spacing is off.

EX one is like the medium one but buffed (more hits and damage) and also appears to have invincibility so is his only invincible wake up.

You can also do a running spinning mixer if you do his forward dash and press punch whilst running.

Fireballs. QCF + kick.

Really odd fireballs these. Light has faster start up and travels quite far forward and then upwards. Medium is slower, less horizontal range before it goes up, heavy is slower again but stays closer to Rashid when it goes up. EX is like a buffed version of the heavy one. Faster, more hits, better frames on hit/block. You can do crouch medium punch anti-air cancelled into ex fireball for some good lock down and all of the fireballs are decent for wake up pressure if you time/space them right.

All of the fireballs are a massive commitment, but at full screen/just shy of full screen you can zone surprisingly well as long as you get the strength/spacing right. If they anti-air you can juggle with all sorts of things/do resets etc. Also it's hard to tell which one he's done until you see how many times he spins before releasing, so you can catch people doing their move that goes through fireballs and they'll get hit by the heavy one because it comes out so late. Same with people jumping on reaction to you activating. Quite a similar idea to Poison's fireballs but nowhere near as good. But yeah, fun. I was getting blown up for using them for the first two hours and then started to get a feel for how to use them effectively.

Flying eagle kick/dive kick thing. QCB + kick

Flying kick that goes over lows. Regular versions all seem very punishable. Lighter ones are combo-able from normals for a quick knockdown. EX is faster, passes through the opponent on block so is difficult to punish and you can juggle after it on hit. Can use this to quickly confirm a crush counter or stray anti-air fireball hit. Seems good. Regular versions not quite so much.

If you do this in the air he does a dive kick instead. Again they all seem punishable, EX has a strange upwards ender thing on hit. You can't do them on a backwards jump and the EX one is the only one you can do from a neutral jump.


This is where the character shines.

Forward dash is a run that can be cancelled into spinning mixer with punch or flying eagle kick with kick. Can also cancel into block but he has to run for a bit first.

Back dash has good distance.

His jump is big and floaty but makes sense when tied in with his other options.

V-skill is two moves.

MP+MK is a command jump that can be cancelled into dive kick if you press kick.

Down + MK+MP is a roll that goes through fireballs and has an optional kick ender.

Lots of fun to be had with these as any cancellable normal can cancel into these. So you can cancel anti-airs into them for resets, cancel heavy attacks on block into shenanigans etc.

The roll has mad recovery though, so you can't just chuck it out in the neutral or you will be punished.

The command jump can also be turned into a wall jump if you're near the wall.

His wall jump is a bit like Strider in UMVC3. If you press up/forwards or up/back after touching the wall you do a standard triangle wall jump like Vega/Chun. If you press down forwards/down back you quickly lunge back down to the floor. You can do a normal out of this before it hits the floor and it allows for absolutely gross cross ups/shenanigans. The other huge perk (aside from having two great wall jump options) is that you can do this at any height. So you don't need to hit the top corner of the screen for the wall jump, you can wait til he's almost back down on the ground and still do one of these options as long as you're near the wall. It's pretty great.


Holy shit I lvove this thing.

So it's a great pressure tool, you can combo into it, you can cancel normals into it on block for set ups or on hit for damage. More importantly though, if you throw Rashid into it it provides massive buffs to loads of his things.

If you jump through it on the downward trajectory of your jump it launches you down to the floor at a whacky angle for cross ups, if you spinning mixer through it your spinning mixer will fly full screen. Anything airborne or that propels Rashid is buffed by it. His overhead goes literally half screen if you press it behind the tornado and pass through it. Same if you do his v-skill roll. Even his towards + MP command normal gets propelled full screen.

It is fucking excellent. Honestly. Try it. It's great.


Escape roll type thing. Gets you out clean, seems hard to catch, good escape/mobility option.


Plenty of juggles into it, spinning mixer can cancel into it, also once it's activated you can move him left and right like Rufus' ultra 2 to make juggles easier etc.

So there we go.

Surprisingly decent normals, slightly suspect anti-air, absolutely phenomenal mobility. I don't get the impression that he's especially good but I think he might be the most fun character I've tried so far. Big fan.

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Ah, actually didn't try that of all things. Really should have done as it would make throwing them out far less dangerous. Next time! Oh, and the other thing I noted is that you can't do fireballs when the tornado is activated and you can't activate the tornado if a fireball is on screen.


Some combos:

Jump fierce - > crouch fierce - > standing strong xx spinning mixer.

Jumping medium kick - > standing strong - > crouching medium kick xx spinning mixer.

Jump fierce - > crouch fierce - > standing strong - > medium spinning mixer - > super. (Corner only).

I'm sure there were more. Will post if they spring to mind.

Oh yeah, resets also:

Crush counter stand roundhouse -> juggle standing fierce cancelled into roll v skill. Can choose to come out of the roll in front of or behind the opponent if you take/don't take a tiny step back before hitting the fierce.

Crush counter stand roundhouse in the corner -> pause -> whiff stand roundhouse. Press it straight away and it juggles, press it later you corpse hop behind them, press it later again and you appear to corpse hop but stay the same side. This is all based on them quick rising, but it's quite a quick rise-y game innit.

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Rashid crush counter punishes


st.HP x down vskill, st.HP x HP spinning mixer

fancy and slightly more damage version st.HP x HK fireball, down vskill, st.mp, cr.mk x mk eagle spike

Corner st.HP x down vskill st.HP x down v-skill + K, HP spinning mixer

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Look at all those words from Jellum! I can't wait to read them.

Also, how am I going to afford this game and a stick and a whatever the PlayStation equivalent of Xbox live is? Maybe I should just live vicariously through the thread. :(

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So yes, you can indeed cancel Rashid's fireballs into either one of his V-Skills. They make so much more sense now that I know this as the recovery on them is pretty ridiculous. Going to have another session with him tomorrow and I will be rolling all over the gaff. Turbulent wind everywhere. Can't wait.

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Spent some silly amounts of time with Vega over the weekend, he's a joy to play. Gallus as fuck.

My Killer Instinct TE2 refused to function at all with win10 until I sussed an older driver that works but only with 6 buttons, still needs some jiggery-pokery with a few button connections but it works a treat.

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So the final characters have essentially been confirmed from the files in the PC Beta (unless it's all a big bluff). First it was the acronyms and now sound files have been uncovered in the game too. Excellently it mentions lots of Capcom Pro Tour stops as well, including "Hypespotting, Scotland". I hope that means it'll be another big event here next year and I'm pretty interested in seeing how Capcom intend to integrate the big tournaments with the game itself.

Here's a youtube clip of all the sounds. It's about 1m27sec before a new character is announced.

The characters are (spoilered for anyone who wants them kept secret):

Fan (A new character, the 16th and final of the launch roster, apparently)







I'm surprised that there's no mention of Akuma yet. I still expect him to be a secret boss from day one, though.

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Generally happy with that line up. Can't stand Balrog though. Aside from PR Rog an -R- I find him to be an utterly tedious character in every game he's in. Boring design, boring character, boring gameplay. I think it's his lack of cross ups or any fun tech He's just completely linear, coming at you in a straight line doing vaguely safe stuff and only having a throw counter hit game and a gimmicky overhead in terms of mix ups. He's one half of some of the worst match ups in the game and he is largely responsible for them being rubbish. Honda/Balrog in particular is just the *worst* and it's not because of Honda. He's dull to fight against and I personally find him really dull to use as well. That said, SFV is all about re-inventing and rejuvenating the old characters, so I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

Everyone else I'm down with. Guile can be eye-gougingly frustrating to beat but I actually quite like the character as he rewards being good at Streetfighter in a more pronounced way than most of the cast. He rewards strong defense, good spacing, consistent anti-airs and general composure and I'm a fan of all of that. Also Dieminion without Guile would seem so wrong after all these years.

Ibuki always has a crazy number of options and tools, so you can do a lot with her depending on how all the stuff she normally has is implemented. She can be a hit and run character designed to frustrate in the neutral or she can be a really pressure and mix up heavy glass cannon. Obviously it won't be about the vortex in SFV either, so (imo) the least interesting thing about her in SFIV won't be her dominant strategy here.

Juri is excellent. Easily my favourite of the characters created from scratch for SFIV. I think Fuhajins are really interesting and different, she has great normals and then a little oddball assortment of additional tools (Feng Shui engine and dive kicks, for example) to plug some of the gaps. Really cool character and I was hoping she'd be brought back.

Urien is great. Possibly my favourite 3S character and there is so much you could do with him in this engine. Aegis reflector has V Trigger written all over it, plus his fireballs could be great in a game without parries. Very excited to see him back. We had better get some very upsetting posing pouch jiggle physics too. I'm talking mount your friends level of junk wobble. Don't let us down Capcom.

Alex is a bit meh. Never really rated him in 3S to be honest and would definitely be in my bottom 5 3S characters I'd like to see return. Still, he will undoubtedly be tweaked and re-worked so hopefully he'll end up appealing to me more this time.

So yeah, excited for four of the six, optimistic about Alex, cautiously optimistic about Balrog.

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An update is available for download now and adds a tutorial. I've not tried it yet.

Mine updated last night but wouldn't log into the servers, then got stuck in an update/can't connect loop.

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It's just a tutorial; the beta isn't online yet.

The tutorial itself isn't terribly impressive either. It only covers very basic things (no special moves) and you can only play it once. I've exited and re-entered the Beta and there's no option to redo it.

It might be possible to get a feel for how Ryu plays by just beating up on Ken during the part where you're asked to block his attack? I didn't try it.

There's a bunch of leaked sound files too; I'm pretty sure Birdie says "I ain't with those Shadaloo wanks no more!" in the Rashid scene:


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Just saw that tutorial footage. As an ex-teacher, and someone who wants new people to play Street Fighter, it's an absolute shambles.

I really hope this is a rush job and will get major changes, but even as a starting point this is horrible. There is so much wrong with it. Walls of text. Each little example has no connection to anything else, and explains nothing about why you're doing what it asks. Symbols for buttons and punches/kicks in such close proximity that they look like bad emojis. The phrase "directional button". What's a fireball, why am I jumping over it? If I have to reduce his health to zero, why does it regenerate? What button do I press to dance like he's doing? I could go on...

There are so many good examples of tutorials around at the moment. I know fighting games are inherently complex, so there won't be a magic design like Super Mario Bros 1-1 to teach the basics, but at the very least nick some stuff from Skullgirls. Or let the CPU attack the player straight away, then pause and explain how to defend and attack back. Or an obstacle course: break a wall, jump over one, duck under an oncoming beam... So many ways! But this is like giving a 12-year-old a French dictionary and telling them to say "bonjour" to a wooden dummy in a beret, instead of taking them to Paris.

The absolutely criminal part, though? A major developer having no-one who can proofread.

"You can preform a light attack by..."

Line breaks all over

the fucking place

"Attack while jumping to make your character perform a jumping attack". Thanks Capcom, do you have any advice on breathing while walking?

Sorry for the rant, probably just frustration at not playing the beta. Still incredibly excited :D

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Excellent write up and, yes, why don't people just take the Skullgirls one as a starting point and go from there. It even manages to explain frame advantage in a way that immediately makes sense and is perfectly demonstrable. No other fighting game has managed this and it's really frustrating to see. It's one of those things that completely alienates new players if they don't get it when in reality it's infinitely more straightforward than you'd think. I think teaching people about the ebb and flow of a match and when it's their "turn" is so important (much much more important than trial mode combos, for example) and something that is never explained to people. Once that clicks the whole game transforms and goes from button mashing to the game we all love. It's even more unforgiveable when they are preaching accessibility so loudly with this game in particular.

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It's impressive that Skullgirls has some interesting unique systems of its own and still has a tutorial with tons of information that can apply to other games in the genre...

Looking through the tutorial again I can see how it seems a bit half-hearted and even misses out important fundamentals - it looks like it covers walking back and forth, but not dashing? Also the descriptions of light and heavy attacks sound incomplete; you'd think that if you're teaching the player you'd tell them about speed, damage, and recovery for each attack strength (sure, it's obvious stuff to you and I but "why would I use anything other than heavy attacks?" is the newer player's mantra.) And that would be a great opportunity for a "block this heavy attack then counter whilst they're in recovery" lesson. :)

(Also why are crouching attacks called low attacks - these are decades-old naming conventions you're toying with :blah: )

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