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Street Fighter V Champion Edition


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Looks like the Hori Mini Fight Stick 4 is getting a proper UK release, it's £27.80 on Amazon.


I know it's small but on a decent base it could be a good halfway house. I don't want to spend £159 on a fightstick in case they announce legacy support further down the line.

At half the price of a fightpad and just over a 1/3 of the fightstick alpha I'm tempted to give it a go.

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So yeah, I was one of the many people who took part in the "SFV Game-off" competition that was happening around various Game stores - basically you play survival mode on one of the demo booths and the top scorers go through to the next qualifier, and the next, until the last people play each other in versus or something. Anyway, given the lack of email response I'm guessing I went out in the first round of qualifiers :blush: Even so, looking back at my local store's twitter feed it seems like I was the first entrant, so I set the (relatively low) bar. Our demo unit had a standard PS4 controller rather than a stick so it took a bit of time to get used to, but they let me do a quick button check and then I got started. Unfortunately it seems that I had to use Ryu, but I ended up making it to the sixth suvival match, dying instantly and then not qualifying for anything further. (I did have a small hype moment in the fifth match though; I was clinging on to the magic guard pixel whilst the CPU still had a bunch of health and I clutched it out whilst onlookers were getting excited. However, since the survival mode (or at least the preferences that had been prepared) disabled health regeneration between matches, I was practically walking away from the controller when the sixth match started. :hat:)

Something else I read during forum downtime interested me - the trophy list for Street Fighter V emerged on some site called Exophase or something and it includes trophies for "adding names to your favorites". If the list is legit, I really hope that's what I think it is - the ability for PC and PS4 players to exist within an ingame "friends list" by favouriting the Fighter IDs - as that would make it much easier to arrange forum lobbies (if/when they get patched in) for players across both platforms. 

Also, Alex:o

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4 hours ago, Qazimod said:

 If the list is legit, I really hope that's what I think it is - the ability for PC and PS4 players to exist within an ingame "friends list" by favouriting the Fighter IDs - as that would make it much easier to arrange forum lobbies

It'd be great if you could yea and nay everyone you play (if you want to), so that you never get matched with the bad 'uns again; or if salt clogs that idea, at least a back-of-the-queue list. Another option to search for your friends first (again, if you select it). 'Cause it's not hard to build a list of a couple hundred good guys over time, and as it stands, you might be getting matched to myriad twunts for the sake of seconds. X will be available to play after their current match: would you like to wait?, even.


Game's out, by the way.

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Game in Bath had a big sign outside about the tournament, with a cash prize of £1000.

A member of staff was playing it on the demo pod, I asked if I could bring my stick, he said no, I asked why? he said you couldnt, I said its not a tournament then, he said no, I said why is there a banner outside saying it is, he said its not a proper tournament, I said change the fucking sign to that then.

All this coming from a 44 year old doing his best  Larry David.

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Just used the new upvote-and-downvote forum feature for the first time on that post because my admiration and excitement is perfectly counterbalanced by my salty, salty jealousy.

Actually I'm just going to keep clicking up and down all day.

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11 hours ago, Patronsaint said:

Anyone currently scoping out PS3 options? I see a SxT PS3 stick on Amazon for about £106 and a SC one for just under that. Ideally looking for one for less (duh) maybe around the £80 mark. 

Dunno about shipping, but Play-Asia have one with a free CronusMAX Plus (the new one without timeouts) for £68.50. https://www.play-asia.com/street-fighter-x-tekken-arcade-fightstick-pro-tournament-edition/13/704krj


Amazon have the Pro 4 and the Mini:



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1 hour ago, Floex said:

Layout for the rest of the year




Bare bones until that March Update


edit, no idea how to add pictures...

Not sure if I should be pleased about the frequency of content or scared about the hit to my wallet :P Still, 8-player lobbies in March is welcome news. :D

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6 minutes ago, SMD said:

I wasn't joking by the way, is it just story, survival and online?

Yep, I think that's all there is for now. Story is pretty short from what I hear. Some additional trials and challenge modes are being added next month and then the "Cinematic Story Mode" will come in summer.

Completing every character's Story Mode earns enough fight money to purchase one DLC character, according to Capcom.

Here's their blog post about it:


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