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Street Fighter V Champion Edition


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Oh hang on, I've just remembered there's that massive patch to download, so now I'm wondering whether I can manage a stealth purchase today, install it tonight and start the patch downloading overnight so we can actually play it tomorrow* rather than watch the download bar creep along.


I've managed to convince myself to buy it anyway. The first PS4 game I've bought for myself!


*assuming the kids will play it with me, of course, but I'm banking on brand new shiny game syndrome to at least pique** their interest.





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30 minutes ago, imp said:

Yay, I'm in the silver league. Can't wait to have this game's equivalent of a b of shame!


Don't think it works that way, I think you get demoted back to Super Bronze. 

I seem to remember last night, fighting a guy and when I won on his results is said 'League Down' or something similar.

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31 minutes ago, Goemon said:


Don't think it works that way, I think you get demoted back to Super Bronze. 

I seem to remember last night, fighting a guy and when I won on his results is said 'League Down' or something similar.


Yeah, I'm aware, thanks! Was just being a bit flip. I'm wondering how things will look when the leagues are settled, especially if I'll ever be good enough to reach gold. I had real trouble getting past 2900 points in SFIV, and points seem to be taken away with even more ferocity in this game! I'm quite enjoying the matchmaking though, now things have settled a bit, I'm rarely feeling utterly outclassed.





Headliner fun aside, check out the match between Graham Wolfe and Fourwude at about an hour in, since when did Ryu become hands down the most hype character to watch?!

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1 hour ago, Darren said:

Oh hang on, I've just remembered there's that massive patch to download

Yeah, I just stuck the disc in and there's a six gig update!


Edit - I got one of those Madcatz pads to go with it while I await a definitive verdict on getting an old Namco stick going on PS4.  I've seen various opinions on this, most boiling down to having to use a Cronusmax and suffer it cutting out every 15 mins.  Anyway, the pad looked alright in Game but having just taken it out of the box, that d-pad feels very suspect.

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Excellent work on the google doc Dood. I am failing horribly at updating it on my work computer so will post a few bits here:

I'd add "DP" to the Shoryuken section, and note that it applies to any move in the same family. Like Adon's Rising jaguar, Sagat's Tiger Uppercut, Rashid's EX spinning mixer. "DP" is a catch-all term to describe any move of that ilk. Usually a horizontal trajectory, often used for anti-airs, and almost always has some invincibility so it can be used on your wake up or to blow through gaps in the opponent's pressure. The invincibility part is important, as Nash's EX upkicks looks like a DP but doesn't really behave like one.

Command grab/Command throw:

These are special moves that grab the opponent (cannot be blocked) and also work differently from regular throws in that the cannot be defended by throw tech-ing. They can be avoided by performing specific moves that are invulnerable to throws, making your character airborne or moving out of their effective ranges. Zangief's spinning pile driver is the original command grab. Having one of these moves is a big part of what defines a character as a "grappler".

SPD (Spinning pile driver). Any command grab executed using a 360 degree motion on the stick. Like "DP" this originally described a specific move but now describes a number of moves performed in the same way.

Fireball I think is a bit broader than QCF + P/Hadouken as it can be used to describe any projectile that functions in broadly the same way. Rashid's whirlwinds, for example, are still called fireballs, as is Laura's electric sparky thing. Fang's charge down, up + punch has a radically different motion but it's still a fireball.

I think "Legs" is a good one but I'd add a see also: Hands. Any multi-hitting flurry attack of similar ilk. Honda's hundred hand slap, Decapre's rapid daggers etc.

Rekkas - Named for Fei Long's Rekka Ken attack. Horizontal travelling special moves that start with one attack that can then be followed up with optional additional attacks, often (but not always) by repeating the initial motion with the correct timing. Karin's V-trigger is the prime example of this in SFV, as activating it gives her access to rekkas. QCF + P does a single rekka, then she has a whole bunch of optional follow ups that can only be accessed once she's started the sequence. Rolento's patriot circle, Poison's whip of love and Yang's mantis slashes are all rekkas as well.


Oki/Okizeme - Applying pressure to/attacking/mixing up an opponent who has been knocked down. The attacking player has more options available to them than the defending player and can use this opportunity to score damage from a mix up.


Damage scaling - This is a mechanic put into the game that means successive hits in a combo do progressively lower damage as the combo goes on. This is to prevent you from killing the opponent by landing one long combo that takes 100% of their health. In modern Streetfighter games this is achieved by making successive hits/moves. So for instance, if you land a five hit combo, the first two hits will do their usual damage, but the third hit might only do 80% of its usual damage, the next hit 60%, and so on. This also means that using lots of small, light hits to start off your combo will lead to less rewarding damage than three or four big, chunky, heavy attacks.


Reset - Sacrificing guaranteed damage to put your opponent in a difficult situation that will potentially lead to more damage. This ties in with damage scaling. As the later hits in a combo do less damage than those at the start, it's sometimes beneficial to forego the later hits of a combo, briefly let them out of the combo but put them in a disadvantaged position where you can land another fresh, clean, first hit and start a new one. A common one would be if you've landed a long combo made up of many hits that has knocked the opponent dizzy. You could jump in and continue hitting them, but at that point your hits may only be doing 20% of their normal damage due to scaling. Instead, it might be better to start a combo, deliberately stop half way through and then sneak in a cheeky grab. You've given up guaranteed small damage by not finishing your combo and giving them a chance to escape, but the potential reward is that the throw will give you a knockdown and an okizeme opportunity that can open up more damage than taking those small guaranteed hits would have given you.

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4 hours ago, Camel said:



By the time I get a PS4 and a copy of this, I'm going to be so far behind.  Anyone using Dhalsim?  What's the verdict?


I'm guessing you're after some of that mad, sweet science which I can't offer unfortunately but what I can tell you is that everything he does is awesome and I want to be him.

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I am now the proud owner of the PS4 version, and the massive patch is downloading now. And the boys want to play it too! Things are looking good.


Do you earn fight money or anything else for local multiplayer? I assume not.

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'Boom! That's how to start a fight and finish it quickly!'


'Two minutes! I'll finish you in two minutes!'


They're my favourites so far. Worst is anything Birdie says, bloody hell. Veers between cockney, Yorkshire and Merseyside so in my SFV he's the only one to speak fluent Japanese.

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Camel, Dhalsim is markedly different. It's going to take a lot of getting used to both playing as and fighting against him. Fortunately two of the best Dhalsims in the world (FChamp and Arturo) have stuck with him in 5, so you won't be short of inspiration. 


His standing medium kick doesn't angle upwards as it has in every other game, he doesn't have the back roundhouse knee of doom, he doesn't have jump fierce sniper and he doesn't have yoga fire without spending an ex meter. He also doesn't have yoga blast, which was arguably his most vital survival tool in SFIV. 


For a character who has seen few changes to his normals and specials since sf2 it's pretty drastic. 


Like Zangief though, it seems he has the ability to achieve most of the same things, you just don't go about it as you're used to. 


Standing fierce might be an even bigger commitment than it was in 4, but the trade off is that he ducks down super low to do it so it never trades with fireballs and just beats them clean instead, plus it has to be blocked low! 


His middle kick and roundhouse don't arc upwards any more.  Instead they control the horizontal angles that yoga fire used to, and his new upwards arcing fireball covers  the skies instead. For a meter his ex yoga fire is the same as it was in SFIV as well, but the change means he can't hang in a fireball war by throwing fireballs back unless he spends meter. which is a massive, extremely jarring change to the character. 


He has back + medium punch anti air, which almost identical to how it was in SFIV, and he has a new back + fierce upward angled yoga sniper that covers  an angle somewhere between the now absent ex yoga blast and knee of doom but isn't quite as good as either of them. The trade off there is that it crush counters and allows for follow up tings when it counter hits their jump in. He also has crouching medium punch as a mid to long range anti air that covers a spot he's never had before. It's pretty good. 


Oh, and he has chainable low jabs, which is massive for a character who needs panic buttons more than anybody else. V reversals are massive for Dhalsim as well. Think how different his SFIV career could have been with two extra escape opportunities per round. 


His mobility, offense, damage and mix up tools are noticeably much improved, makes sense as he seems to be more of a hit and run trickster than a defending a spot on screen/fighting tooth and nail to survive type. 


He's got the three slides, the drills aren't as bad as they were in 4, he has extra air options in yoga gale (yoga flame in the air) and his v skill hover. His v skill also allows him to take to the air from the ground without jumping or doing an instant air teleport. That's pretty big for a character who has always had a completely useless jump. 


In place of sniper he can overhead with jump back jab and a at least one of his other air normals (I think medium kick but not sure) and with combinations of super (yoga catastrophe but more like Oro's green ball super from 3s) and v trigger (white life sapping flame carpet that is genuinely terrifying to sit in for any length of time), his new fireballs, v skill and teleports he has the potential for absolutely disgusting mix ups. 


He looks to be as tricky to use well as ever but not nearly as much of a pushover as he was in sf4. 

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Finally had a free moment today to get the stick down from the loft and have a crack, went in with no practise or knowledge of any of the changes, 3 casual fights I won one, close win second then slaughtered with a  double perfec in the third oops!

the idea of ranked at this point terrifies me


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I think so, sadly. Capcom have to do something ASAP now that server stability seems a lot better. The weekend will be the test I suppose.


Quantity over quality?


Interesting read on gamesradar about the perceived value of games in 2016, using SFV as the main example. I think I'm in the minority in that, as someone wanting to take his SF seriously this time (he says), I think SFV offers just the right amount of content for me not to feel overwhelmed. Yes there could have been an arcade mode I guess, but survival substitutes nicely. Coming into USFIV fresh for the PS4 last year was a harrowing experience. Who's good? What's a FADC? Am I supposed to be able to complete all the Ibuki challenges? With SFV I've been able to get a feel for all the characters in story and survival, have a few good fights online where a lot of people are beginners - it's a great introduction to the series as it stands.


As for value for money, well I honestly think it's fine. I remember really wanting Dark Rift for the N64 back in 1997. All the reviews at the time (good old N64 Magazine!) were slating it for having an Arcade, a Versus, a Training, and that was it. But they all said it was great fun to play, with really colourful, balanced characters. 55%s all round. But that really appealed to me - a game where the focus was on the game and the mechanics and not on split-screen multiplayer or crap extra modes (please understand; if an N64 game launched without 4-player splitscreen back in the day it was pretty much automatically docked 30%, no matter the genre). And Dark Rift never sold for less than £50, which according to the Internet is about £85 today! The main difference is that Dark Rift could never be patched or updated and remained Dark Rift. I bet we won't be able to recognise SFV a year from now.

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Good news everyone! Mad Catz wireless PS3 SFIV fightpads work! So that's our weekend sorted.


I'm terrible of course. I've played about 10 online matches so far, and only won one (casual) which I presume was against someone who's never played a street fighter before, or possibly that person's grandma.


I've been accepting invitations for ranked and casual matches - is there a downside to playing lots of ranked matches in full expectation of losing every one? Like, does it make me even further from levelling up if I ever do start winning?


Anyway, if you want an easy win, fight me! My ID is DarrenKT.


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