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Street Fighter V Champion Edition


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21 minutes ago, ashmatuk said:

Wanting to get a beginner stick. Do I go for the madcatz fight stick alpha for £65 or the venom jobbie for £55? I'm leaning towards the venom as that seems easy to upgrade. 


I have the Venom stick and it's really nice and hefty, def good for an affordable stick.

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13 hours ago, Let's measure! said:

Bit of advice needed - how should I be using command throws? Necalli's (QCB + P) has a tiny range and if I try to link into it from a Lp or Lk then I hit my opponent away beyond its reach. It also can't be used for teching as a genuine grab will always win out over a command move. Any tips?


You can't combo into Necalli's command grab and it won't grab the opponent if they're in hit stun (reeling from being hit) or block stun (stuck in block from blocking an attack). Command grabs are to be used as part of/as a result of conditioning the opponent. The point of it is that it beats blocking and it can't be prevented by an opponent throw tech-ing, so if they've opted to sit still for a moment it will scoop them and there isn't anything they can do about it.


Applications for it are based on reading the opponent and trying to get them to do what you want them to. The main rule of a command grab is that, generally speaking, they're best used sparingly. The threat of the grab is usually more potent than actually using it. Making the opponent scared of the grab and hitting them for trying to avoid it is one approach, or alternatively you can save it for a special occasion when you've trained the opponent to expect something else, or as a surprise move when they're close to dizzy, you need a way to open them up and you haven't shown it to them yet. All of that said, there are also times where going to it three or four times in a row is a legit tactic as well, because it creates a double bluff situation. Once someone's hit you with two command grabs in a row it's pretty much anybody's guess what the next read will be. It's a really powerful option to have but the key is finding the right time to apply it.


I'll give some examples, but keep in mind that the whole point is not to stick a to a flow chart or routine and these won't be optimal options for Necalli specifically as I haven't spent a lot of time with the character, but a basic thing would be:


You jump in on the opponent and do:


Jumping medium kick - > crouching medium punch cancelled into light kick stomp. That's a three hit combo that leaves you pretty close to the opponent once it's finished. After it hits, you are at the perfect range to do EX command grab. That's not to say it combos into EX command grab, but rather if the opponent stands still/blocks for a moment after that combo hits, you have the opportunity to grab them.


This fact creates a mix up situation that you can use to your advantage.


So let's say you land that combo for the first time in the match. After it hits, you do crouching medium punch cancelled into light kick stomp again, which the opponent blocks. So the opponent has shown you that, the first time at least, they were willing to sit and block for a moment after that combo and see what you'd next. What you've shown the opponent is that after that combo hits, you like to press more buttons to try and apply more pressure and that blocking has been the correct response.


Let's then say that you land the same combo a second time to create that same situation again. After the combo hits, the opponent blocks because you've previously shown them that your follow up is to apply more pressure with medium punch into stomp. This response from the opponent gives you the perfect opportunity to land the grab.


After that is where it starts to get interesting:


So you're playing the same person, you land that combo for what is now the third time. The first time they blocked and safely blocked your follow up attacks, the second time they blocked and got grabbed for it. The third time already gives them a difficult decision to make. They might block again, thinking that you won't go for the grab twice in a row, so you could do the grab again to beat this. Alternatively they might jump or back dash to try and escape the grab, which would cause them to get hit by the follow up attacks, or they might go for an invincible special move like a shoryuken that would beat both the grab or the follow up attacks. However, your option there is to block, and if you block the shoryuken you have the opportunity to hit them with a massively damaging punish combo.


How you play this is then based on many variables, and it is this sort of stuff that, for me, is where the magic lies in fighting games and what is difficult to explain to people who think it's just mashing buttons until someone runs out of life.


Things to consider:


How much life the opponent has (eg. if the grab will kill them they might be more likely to try something risky to avoid it, if they have lots of life they might try to call your bluff and be willing to take another one) and also anything else you've observed about them.


Are they generally patient or are they always mashing buttons and twitching?


Does their character have an invincible reversal type move? Do they need meter to do so (eg. Rashid's EX spinning mixer is his only invincible shoryuken-esque reversal, so without an EX bar he doesn't have this option)


Do you *need* to land the grab (ie are you trying to make a comeback, are they nearly dizzy, are you struggling to land damage as they're blocking everything you do?)


What's the risk/reward on your side? Can you afford to take the hit if they do something crazy? Are you in a position to just block and see what they do? If you can, make sure to make a mental note of their response. If they try to jump away and you didn't go for the grab, this lets you know that they're scared of it without you having to commit to anything. This is free information, don't let it go to waste. 


After you knock them down do they normally block after getting up or are they prone to doing reversals/back dashing/mashing buttons?


If they jump at you and you anti-air them, does that discourage them from jumping, do they just jump again?


Last time they did a shoryuken and got punished, did that dissuade them from doing it the next time or are they the type to just go to it every time? If they've just whiffed a dragon punch and you hit them with super as a punish, next time they wake up they might be scared into blocking, you might be able to sneak in a command grab there.


With these things in mind, you could go for the command grab at the first possible opportunity and then hit the opponent for trying to avoid it for the rest of the match, or you could train the opponent to block for the whole match and then surprise them with it, or you could go with any number of grey areas in between. Again, it's a really powerful option but it is crucial that it's applied correctly or it becomes worthless.







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This is so good - I was a little worried with reports of bad connections, and lack of content, but the actual fighting more than makes up for any of that.


I like to play as Ken, my fighting game is pretty weak, but i'm just having so much fun trying to improve.




*Name has been added to the list on first page

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This is a fun videogame. The fightings are good.


I hope they fix the weird teleporty fights, I'm not sure I can handle many more incidents of landing something only for their life bar to go back up and to find myself sailing through the air on the end of an uppercut.

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Got 9th at the first Sunday Face Off monthly for Streetfighter V yesterday. Had a record breaking 50 attendees including many out of towners. InfernoKong's Birdie rather predictably took the tournament. I was reasonably happy with my own performance, though I completely choked it up against ED Jinty's Ken and basically killed myself when I was one hit away from top 8. That's the second time I have completely collapsed against Jinty's Ken in tournament and handed him the win. New game, same demons!


I also got utterly destroyed by Benners' Bison. Hadn't fought a competent Bison before and it is absolutely miserable if he dashes in and makes you block anything. So many plus frames, so much pressure. Terrifying. We sat and played casuals for a bit at the end of the day and I started to figure it out though, ending up going about 50/50 when I couldn't even take a round in tournament.. I played Rashid for most of my tournament games but I'm thinking Laura is a better long term prospect. What I really need to do is learn more of a solid all-rounder character like Nash though, so I'm going to start working on that as well.


Heading to Manchester Battle Arena's first SFV tournament on Saturday. After all the experience and knowledge I can get at the moment.

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1 hour ago, Nathan Wind said:

Yeah......now I've got the Venom stick and have given it a brief spin, it shows up the Madcatz pad for the steaming turd it really is.  As others have said, avoid.


I challenge anyone with the Venom stick to read through this thread...




And not end up desperate to mod the buttons and slide cool new artwork in, some of the mods people have done in that thread look amazing. Shame Arcade UK have put a pause on new order due to so many people ordering new buttons for their sticks!

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I highly recommend the Venom stick. My brother is a talented artist so I've asked him to do some artwork for me to put into the stick. I've got Sanwa buttons in but I'm still waiting on a cable to connect my joystick but to be honest, for anyone interested in the stick as an alternate to the more expensive TEs, the default joystick is perfectly acceptable and if I had known that before I bought the parts and tried the stick first, I'd have just swapped the buttons out and nothing else. 


It's just a shame there's no mic support. The only solution my friend and I have found is to set the stick to PS3 mode and change a setting in the menu so that you can use the mic in a PS4 controller while still using the stick. Not very elegant and predictably it stops working at random points.  

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Hori FIghting Stick Mini 4 looks neater to me. Both in size (but not so small I'd start getting cramps) and quality, as we all know Hori tend to make decent stuff. Oh, and not costing the world of course.



My 360 TE is crying at it's current uselessness with next gen stuff nonetheless. Ah well.

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Man I still never got round to printing my stick design, I remember getting all excited after modding my old madcatz fightstick with sanwa parts, peeling off the original sf4 sticker and spray painting the base..  


Anyone know anywhere that does really good quality prints on vinyl? That are self-adhesive and won't wear off due to sweaty street fighting  hands? 

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2 minutes ago, andygt said:

Neg, if you buy one of these: 


and one of these: 


then you can use your old TE stick on the PS4 and it won't have any issues with disconnecting.




Or you could buy a Brook converter, which seem well regarded on SRK.


Having discovered that the company that manufacturers the Cronus device may be doing so without a license from the designer AND are allegedy reverse engineering his firmware to update their own, I couldn't recommend them at all.

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4 minutes ago, NEG said:


Why the additional USB hub thing?


It's a workaround for an issue whereby the PS4 drops the connection every 10 minutes when it realises it's not talking to a DS4 following the initial authentication. The hub allows the DS4 to be connected to the Cronus simultaneously, so the connection doesn't drop.


However, there's both the ethical/moral consideration (see my post above) and the fact your console will start to look like SeanR's nightmare setup.

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Not to mention the price of the thing is the same as the cheaper alternative sticks anyway.


I should probably just consider selling the stick and funding on top of it for a new one. Will I really carry on playing 4 on 360? It's just the nostalgia/collector side of me that wants to keep it around. Brain: You'll regret not being able to play 4 'properly' on the 360 in the year 2050!

Honestly even if I did have infinite money it does take a lot of room though.


The other cheapest option of course is to just settle for playing V on PC, where the stick already works. (has with 4, at least) Servers are cross platform this time anyway, just at the expense of making the game more antisocial (not living room) and my butt more sour on the computer chair. Until a steam box solution, anyway.


Playing SF is complicated.






Spyro Arrow!

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