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I thoughts it was all over at 9-5. Since then the missus has watched 2 Corrie episodes and X-Factor results and I still get to see the end!

Come on Ronnie!

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Great match. I thought Trump was stuffed and that it would be all over before 8pm... but no! What a fight back. I love Hendry as a commentator, he is so knowledgeable.... but WHY oh WHY BBC do you still inflict Virgo on us?? FFS!

"Where's the white ball going?" FUCK OFF

"This is Ronnie's to lose!" Fuck off!!

He's not funny and nine times out of ten he gets it wrong.

"Maybe he'll escape like this..." draws some stupid convoluted path around the balls.... player does a nice simple safety. GRRR!!! :mad:


Anyway, yes it was a good final and Hendry made an excellent point, that Trump aged 25 and Ronnie aged 25 would have been a very interesting match up.

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Age 25 ronnie takes it all day long, mans a genius. He made the fastest ever 147 before he was 25.

Hmmm, he has always been a very talented player, that is not in doubt. I'd go as far to say that he is the most naturally gifted player that the game has ever seen. But at age 25, he was not the player that he is today. he was still very raw, he had massive ups and downs and he struggled to see out matches.

So, yeah... not sure what your point is? He is a gifted player, but his best years have been in the last ten, not the previous ten. Trump aged 25 Vs Ronnie aged 25 would have been fascinating. Now, it's more like Trump is still the student; it's Ronnie's to lose. ;)

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I have! Bingham has totally won me over this tournament, he's played exceptionally well. I've also never been a particular Murphy fan but I've really warmed to him. Such high drama this year, there seems to be a much greater proportion of mind bogglingly impossible shots, seven-cushion flukes and easy misses than normal, it really is anybody's game. Looks like they're set to break the record for tournament centuries too.

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Facinating final this. Just when one has the momentum the other fights back with a good run. I want Bingham to win, just becuase Murphy has done it before. It's Binghams first WC final I think?

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Yeah this is great stuff. Glad this frame has gone the way it has as well. Really added to the tension of these final few frames.

Like a lot of tournaments it seems to have gotten better when O'Sullivan went out. Maybe because it stops being the O'Sullivan show.

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