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Bravely Second: End Layer - Sequel to the best FF since XII

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So Japan is gearing up for Bravely Second it seems, as a lot of details have recently been revealed in the latest issue of Jump.




New location: Guatelatio


A city that has long been prosperous, Guatelatio sits at the entrance to the highway that leads to the Temple of Earth and the Holy Land. Home to the Crystal Orthodoxy’s headquarters, as well as numerous villas and estates belong to especially faithful aristocrats and various other prominent families, at the northern edge of town sits the Gate of Faith, an important military institution tasked with defending the Holy Land that employs the “Orthodox Knights,” a group that the Orthodoxy holds in high regards.
When the Duchy of Eternia was in its prime, Guatelatio managed to rid itself of the Orthodox Knights and barely attain recognition as autonomous entity, but with the Orthodoxy and Duchy’s relationship taking a turn for the peaceful, the city eventually becomes the former’s official capitol city, bringing with it renewed construction of the cathedral and a return to bustling life in general. There were plans to hold the signing ceremony for the peace treaty in Guatelatio, but things don’t go quite as planned….
New character: Magnolia Arch
A "Ba'al Buster" from the moon, she has a sociable and daredevil personality with a habit of saying words in French. She bears the weight of being the last of her kind after a Demon Lord unexpectedly appeared. In combat, Magnolia is able to use the bravely second ability, which allows her to freeze time for short periods.
!!WARNING: Bravely Default spoilers!!
Finding Tiz Arrior in a white magic stasis tank some time after he defeated Ouroboros, Magnolia takes out the guards, doctors and scientists in the room. When she braves, she attacks with a move called Lightning Arrow. When she is attacked by an undead enemy, she then uses Bravely Second. At the same time, an airship is destroyed off-screen, and she comments "so much for going home" and then lets Tiz out of the tank. After freeing Tiz from captivity, she then says he is lucky to live in the same era as her.
New details about Agnes Oblige
Agnes traveled the world with her allies in years past, overcoming numerous troubles and ultimately driving back the Great Void that brought Luxendarc to the brink of calamity. In the wake of the decade-long Passion Period, she miraculously puts the then-collapsing Crystal Orthodoxy back together, ultimately becoming the only fourth pope the Orthodoxy has ever seen and the first one to rise to such a position in centuries. Not only is she on friendly terms with many important players, but she also enjoys massive popularity with the common people and has put her heart and soul into realizing lasting peace between the Orthodoxy and Eternia. However, when the time comes for the peace treaty ceremony, she ends up getting kidnapped.
Some screeneroos:
rkXjOiO.jpg drZEgRQ.jpg D4L8HxY.jpg 6w7wne1.jpg MwaWr9P.jpg

First teaser trailer:



Damn!! And I haven't even finished the first one yet.

It's great to be a 3DS gamer     :D


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New characters reveal:


The three new characters are guardians who are in charge of protecting the pope Agnes. They are known as the “Falcon of the Gale” Yu (the short guy with brown hair), the “Wolf of the Inferno” Jean (the man with the long black hair), and “Bison of Solidity” Nikolai, who looks like a priest.
Only Yu has been confirmed as a playable character so far.
OMG!! Could that new character Jean actually be the videogame version of Jean-Pierre Barda? It's what I've been waiting for ever since Army of Lovers entered the music scene. I mean, the resemblance is certainly there, and his name is Jean. Too much of a coincidence?


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Some more screenshots and artwork:






Oh, and seems the first screenshot and last piece of artwork refers to a new job currently known as "Tomahawk".

They’re pure attackers that specialize in using guns. In addition to having abilities that lets them attack all enemies, they also have many supportive abilities in their repertoire

And lots of new details::

With this year’s Tokyo Game Show closing in, Square Enix has released new details on Bravely Second, the 3DS follow-up to Bravely Default. Chief among these are character profiles for members of the game’s Three Musketeers, including protagonist Yuu, as well as word on a new class known as the “Tomahawk,” and details on how players can communicate with Agnes as they journey to save her.
New characters; the Orthodox Knights’ Three Musketeers:
The Crystal Orthodoxy’s Knights were established with the charge of protecting and serving the faith, loyally existing side by side with the organization throughout its history. At the very center of the Knights lie the Three Musketeers, a band of three men who bear the responsibility of leading the knights. Long admired by the Knights they command, each of the Three Musketeers’ uniforms a coat of arms depicting a white lion set to an azure background, a symbol that marks the unique responsibilities that the trio bear.
'The Falcon of the Gale' Yuu Zeneorshia
“I think we can handle it. Let’s see what we can do here, you guys!”
Yuu is a 16 year-old native of Guatelatio. The young leader of the Three Musketeers, he also goes by the nickname “The Falcon of the Gale” and is the game’s protagonist. Years prior to the start of the game, he suddenly became the head of his family in spite of his age when the previous one suddenly died. He spent four years studying aboard in Istantal, where he was an ace student, and quickly ended up joining the Knights soon after he returned home. Before long, he rose to the position of the head of the head of the Three Musketeers as well. During the signing of the peace accord between the Orthodoxy and the Duchy of Eternia, he was set to be Agnes’ bodyguard, but things don’t turn out to go so smoothly….
'The Wolf of Blazing Fire' (and Jean-Pierre Barda lookalike) Jean Angard
“That’s just how things are panning out here. But if you and I team up, I’d say we’re practically unstoppable.”
Jean is another Guatelatio native who’s 16 years old. Also known as “The Wolf of Blazing Fire,” he’s a swordman within the Three Musketeers. Growing up in a poor farming family, he was the top dog in a gang of kids known all around the surrounding villages, as such having a knack for getting into major fights with aristocratic kids. After his parents both passed away a few years back, he managed to gain recognition for his strength and in turn managed to get a scholarship to study the art of sword fighting in Istantal. While there, he became close friends with Yuu and was so far ahead of the curve that he managed to keep skipping grades to the point where he even graduated before Yuu, at which point he returned to Guatelatio.
With the prospect of lasting peace between the Orthodoxy and the Duchy on the rise, he lands a position within the Knights as they’re reforming, thanks to an appointment system that doesn’t discriminate based on class. Having nothing else going for him beyond his sheer skills with swords and his military successes, he rises through the ranks until finally become a part of the Three Musketeers.
'The Rugged Bison' Nikolai Nikolanikofu
“I’m merely speaking of the truth here. If you really need me to do so, I’ll repeat myself for you.”
Another man originally from Guatelatio, Nikolai is 34 years old and as a pastor in the Three Musketeers, he’s also known as “The Rugged Bison.” Having been a part of the Orthodoxy’s Knights for a long time, he has memories of “The Agony of the White Knights,” a period when the Knights were forced to break up as a result of Eternia’s overwhelming for at the time. Even after the breakup, he remained with the Orthodoxy in his capacity as a pastor, working tirelessly one day to bring the Knights back together, the fruits of those labors becoming apparent as the Orthodoxy and Eternia are approaching peace in their relationship.
Responsible for getting talented people to join the Knights like Jean on the basis of merit, he nevertheless is also occupied with remaining on good terms of the nobles, as well as administrating the Knights in general.
'The Brown Barrister' Amy Matchlock (new character class!!)
“Once my prey is in my sight, it doesn’t ever make it out alive!”
A Tomahawk Asterisk holder designed by abec, Amy is a woman from a minority tribe that lives deep in the interior of Flowell. Possessing the ability to communicate with the dead, she wields an old-style gun that has a lance on the end of it depicting the likeness of her tribe’s guardian diety.
New Job: Tomahawk
A natural-born attacker that specializes in gun use, in addition to all-out attacks and other offensive abilities, the Tomahawk can also use various support skills.
New feature "Teach Me, Agnes"
As Yuu and company are out on an adventure to rescue Agnes, players are able to get in touch with her during her imprisonment via the bottom screen on the 3DS, whereby she’ll provide navigational advice on what to do next in the game, not just for the main questline, but also for sub-scenarios as well.
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New jobs reveal!

Introducing... the .. "cat master"?

Here are some of the skills you can use as a cat master/mistress:

Cat High Arts: Takes two items to summon a pair of cats to pull off powerful moves. Eg. when “Death Spiral” (a move that hits several times) is used, two cats (gray and brown) appear, together with a doodle of a cat above the character that summoned them (apparently drawn by designer using their non-writing hand). Items used to summon cats are acquired through moon reconstruction.
Cat Arts: Following moves confirmed: “Consume,” “Slugger,” “White Window,” and “Book Burning.” These only take one item to summon a cat to do.
Nenneko: Makes all enemies fall asleep.
Lie Down: Raises physical and magic defense.


... just what is that cat doing there?!

The exorcist :o

– Can turn back time with the “Never Happened” ability, and even go back up to 3 turns
– Eg: Nikolai taking some damage, and Magnolia used the “Never Happened HP” and it reverted his health back to what it was before he took damage
– This ability can also work when players get incapacitated; as such, Exorcist is considered more of a healing class
– Since you can use it on other characters, it’ll come in handy, as they’ll be able to charge up with Defaults while always keeping their health the way it was
– The cost for Never Happened is relatively low
– Other Exorcist abilities will be revealed in the future
– Square Enix also showed the Asterisk Holder for the Exorcist job. He’s a pretty creepy character (see image below), and was shown taking a slash attack, only to have it recover, as if it never even happened.
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Overview trailer of the jobs on offer in End Layer:

The jobs on display are - in order: Freelancer, White Mage, Black Mage, Knight, "Tomahawk", Wizard, Monk, Thief, Merchant, Time Mage, Excorsist, "Chariot", Ranger, Valkyrie, Summoner, Red Mage, Guardian, Cat Master, Pirate, Performer, Ninja, Swordmaster, Astrologian, and -yes- Patissier.

Bring on the western release date!

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I can't wait for this game. I absolutely loved Bravely Default and I felt kinda stupid for not picking it up sooner than I did. Even the demo was genius.

High hopes for this one and massive speculation about End Layer's meaning :D

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2016? Oh dear, it never changes does it?

Dear Japanese developers, please plan with a western release in mind when developing your much loved RPG's. I know it's possible because sometimes you do it. And then you release the game in roughly the same time frame globally. Maybe a few months later.

But not this shit. Come on!

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I've never felt more lied to about a game on rllmuk than Bravely Default


Bravely Default is nothing short of amazing. An excellent continuation of the best JRPGs have to offer, and updated with fresh gameplay mechanics that basically makes it the best Final Fantasy game since XII.

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Saying it's the best Final Fantasy game since XII isn't much of a claim when the only one that wasn't totally shit was XIII-2 and even that wasn't great.

BD is just... so boring. I played 15 hours or so and just gave up. The story goes nowhere fast and I've heard it carries on going nowhere. The characters are all horrible, Ringabell is in every cliché JRPG I've ever played, as is the feisty female one, and the gutsy protaganist, and the needy female. About the only thing I liked was Agnes' endearing use of "unacceptable!" now and then.

The battle system is so basic it's boring, the friends/streetpass stuff is just bizarre and pointless and confusing, the slow slow experience/JP grind is so unbalanced solely to add hours to the clock that it's the wrong side of fun, it's just... bleh.

I started a thread on NeoGAF to get people to convince me to carry on, and everyone pretty much told me to give up, it wasn't worth it. I honestly can't see a single thing that people could like about it and the hope I had that someone would explain it to me in that thread never materialised, no one could!

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Can't disagree with you more about the battle system, it's one of the best battle systems in a JRPG I've played, possibly only beaten by the materia system. I don't understand how you can get confused by the friends and streetpass stuff, it's hardly complex, and after a while you just ignore it. The JP grind is a grind (there's a skill later on, obliterate, which just takes the piss), but that's the same in any JRPG. The difference here is that you can skip all JP grinding using Abilink. I really enjoyed the game.

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I'd be interested to hear why you thought it was so good.

For me, it flattered to deceive. It's core mechanic was the brave and default system, but when you use it you realise that it's actually completely useless. Either you brave three times and wipe an enemy out in one turn, or you default three times and attack a stronger enemy all at once so you can spend most of the time defending. That's all there was to it. Admittedly I didn't play that far into the game, fifteen hours or so, but I saw nothing at all to suggest that the battle system was anything more than attack/defend/item. It's honestly one of the most basic systems I've ever seen, dressed up to pretend it's more complex than it is. The complexity is a total illusion.

Where it could have shone, in its job system, was totally nullified in how poor the grind was balanced. I know you say it's the same in any JRPG but it's not. Obviously they're all based around a grind but generally they tend to balance it so that you're where you need to be when the game needs you to be there, levels-wise. The JP in this is grossly out of sync with the regular levelling. In those fifteen hours I played I was still only on level five of my initial job, the Freelancer. There are, what, 24 jobs? Imagine a player who truly wants to customise their team, get the most out of the game, it'll take forever to learn everything. It's basically the job system from Final Fantasy V copied and pasted, and then slowed right the fuck down for no good reason at all.

I've heard horror stories about the second half of the first game as well. Literally everything about it points to quantity over quality. Force the player to invest as many hours as possible for as little reward as you can get away with.

I'm happy to be proved wrong if you can explain why you liked it so much, but yeah, as someone who's played a fair amount of JRPGs I can say that Bravely Default is no better than average, for me.

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Braving and defaulting. The first time I realised the importance of this was with Chaugmar, which I assume you didn't get to in 15 hours. After that, and with jobs such as spiritmaster (which requires careful BP management), performer and time mage, and monsters which sap BP, generate more, default or disappear sporadically, BP control becomes a big thing. Defaulting to max and then attacking is usually not the optimum manoeuvre with the later bosses (which can also be manipulated with BP control from time mages to manage what attacks they do).

With jobs, getting every job would take an age, but that would be completely unnessecary- my mages aren't going to become fully fledged pirates, and my healer just needs support and buff abilities. JP is a lot more liberally handed out after chapter 4 (don't need to grind them before then), and there are skills which can obliterate common enemies quickly- put it on auto and the grind is soon over (or just use abilink to bypass it completely).

As for the twist, I actually really liked it (although skipping walking through the dungeons would have been a vast improvement on top). Using the BP system and setting up beautiful combos is where the game shines, and they're entirely for battling bosses. They also make you think (a certain fiery quartet caused me to re-evalute my jobs and equipment, and it was still touch and go).

I enjoyed it because it feels like a JRPG boss rush, and with the auto button it also reminded me of Spacechem (trying to setup the most efficient automatic killing machines, and you can do great things with BP management and this). Usually in JRPGs they're the only enemies worth fighting anyway so that's fine with me. There's still grind unfortunately, but not as much as other games I've loved (and you can set encounters to 0. A godsend.).

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It's been a long time since I played this, but yeah I echo the comments that I don't understand how anyone could the battle system in this 'basic'!! It's got possibly the best turn based combat system in any JRPG I've ever played, and I've played a lot.

The BP system is only part of it, the real fun and depth comes in realising the fun combinations you can have with having two jobs at once. I know it's all down to personal opinion, but this game's systems are about as far from 'basic' as you could possibly get. It's really quite a traditional and hardcore RPG. Sure, it can be a little slow in the beginning if you decide to grind rather than getting on with the first few chapters of the story, but even so- I don't know how anyone who likes traditional turn based JRPGs could hate it.

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Bravely Second’s western version will apparently feature a change to one of the game’s classes. In the original Japanese edition, Square Enix included a "Tomahawk" class. But if the rumor is accurate, it’s now been replaced with the "Cowboy" class.


Is this political correctness gone wrong, or may there be another reason?

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Censorship! :omg:

I daren't check but I imagine neogaf is having a collective breakdown right now.

Edit: It's just occurred to me that the problem here is turning a native American themed character into a cowboy, which admittedly is a bit off...

I had quickly assumed that it was another silly outrage about a revealing costume change.

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