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PDC World Darts 2015 - 18th Dec, Sky.


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Cross was trying to totally ignore Taylor, he was a bit embarrassed at dropping the glass you could see, the fist bump was ok then Taylor tried to do that cuntish head grab thing he does and Cross pulled away and didn't let him.


It was a very small but telling moment as gave me the indication that Cross wasn't just happy to make up the numbers and had been well briefed on mental toughness needed against Taylor and his silly tricks. 


For years lots of players were beaten before they even got on stage. 

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15 hours ago, dizogg said:

What’s peoples problem with Gerwyn Price? Apart from being a cocky prick (which you could say about a lot of pro darters over the years)? I was pleased for him, his finishing in the first half of that match was unreal.


He has a combination of alot of things that piss off the other players and the darts crowd. Over celebrating and instead of aiming it at the crowd or cameras he would often turn round and scream in his opponents face. He used to do this on mid leg 140's not even 180's or big check outs. Slow playing and being slow to collect his darts, used to great effect in winding up Anderson a few years back. That whole feud was a particularly bad move considering how popular Anderson is as well. He also used to like winding up the live crowd then turning round the next day wondering why he was getting booed.


Shame as he is growing into a fantastic player and he has dialed a ton off his shithousery back the last few years. Theres been a number of cocky bastards who have won over the crowd with their darts like Bristow. Interesting to see if Price can do that when the fans start coming back.

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Covid, Covid Covid, Covid Covid, Covid we've got covid

Vaccines, vaccines vaccines, vaccines vaccines, we've had vaccines


Stand up, if you've got Covid


Boring boring lateral flow tests


Watching a heaving Ally Pally in the geographical centre of the UK Omicron outbreak this afternoon is a bit weird.

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Yeah, I'm kinda surprised at the amount of people in the crowd and their proximity to eachother.


Anderson v Lewis tonight could be a good match, hard to think Lewis won back-to-back titles 10 years ago. I hope Anderson wins though. 

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I know a few guys who have done security at PDC Premier League events. It sounds a total nightmare at the best of times. The Worlds are probably the drunkest crowd at any sporting event as well.


Its not as moody as some boxing or MMA events but it sounds a nightmare to keep control of. 

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