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PDC World Darts 2015 - 18th Dec, Sky.


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On 16/12/2021 at 13:22, Gotters said:

Covid, Covid Covid, Covid Covid, Covid we've got covid

Vaccines, vaccines vaccines, vaccines vaccines, we've had vaccines


Stand up, if you've got Covid


Boring boring lateral flow tests


Watching a heaving Ally Pally in the geographical centre of the UK Omicron outbreak this afternoon is a bit weird.


MVG has tested positive for Covid and had to leave the tournament. Poor guy. He must be pissed off.

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That's fair. Smith did everything he could, a few duff legs or even just shots was all it took for Wright, who looked so composed, to take advantage. It was a great tournament, the standard of play and heights of scoring were ridiculous.


I watched an old Lowe v Taylor match from mid-90s iirc and Lowe had the record for most 180s in the Championship at 13, for the whole thing! Some folk were getting that in a match! Plus the size of the wires and staples back then was fucking mad,the trebles were probably 10% to 15% smaller.

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1 hour ago, Larsen B said:

That 161 was one of the best checkouts I've seen.

The last couple of days have been fantastic. Today kicked off with the excellent Dirk v Ross match too.


For some reason I can't stand watching Rob Cross throw a dart so I'll skip the Cross v King match and clean the bathroom instead.

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