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Rhythm Heaven: The Best+


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You know what Rhythm Heaven is by now. Or Rhythm Paradise. Or Rhythm Tengoku. Or リズム天国. Whatever.

A compilation of sorts was announced in the Japanese Direct:

Contains 70 returning favourites from the GBA, the DS and the Wii, as well as 30 new favourites. Including Karate Man OBVIOUSLY, and Lockstep which is AMAZING, and the Wrestler dude from the Wii version which is SO GOOD.

Confirmed for a 2015 release for Japan for now, cross everything for it to be localised. EVERYTHING.


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this whole region-locking thing is beginning to piss me off. what was it that Sony said when they launched the PS3? they stopped doing region locks because it provided some people with an excuse to mod their consoles, paving the way for piracy.

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I own it already. It's in the pile.

You're as good as... a piece of cake.

Is that okay with you? IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH?

Wouldn't you rather be a whole cake?

Play it! I owned a Wii for about a year and this was the only game I had for it. It still totally justified the purchase.

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Apparently this isn't a completely new game, but more of a greatest hits edition. With some new challenges thrown in.

Yah that's what they announced from the start. 70 returning games and 30 new ones.

I have literally no problem with this if it means I can interview wrestlers on my 3DS! We just need to pray they localise it because there's a lot of silence at the moment :(

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Non-localised is okay as well for this game, isn't it? I played the hell out of Rhythm Tengoku on the DS without too much problem. Or is the 3DS region locked?

This song was stuck in my head for way too long, and not in a good way.

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Ahh... I didn't know that. :( I was so use to the DS being region free that it didn't occur to me that the 3DS might not be. What a strange decision, I'm sure it's been covered to death in the 3DS thread though. One of the joys of the DS (and the PSP) was getting weird games from the regions that you'd never normally get a chance to play , especially as I travel quite a bit for work, there was always fun in picking up some cheap local game. Genuinely put me off buying a 3DS now- travel a lot and live abroad and can't be arsed with navigating region locks.

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