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Club Nintendo's closing down (NEW: Goodbye Coin now available, 2000 Stars)


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God, but the Australian Stars store is woeful. Ended up buying the CD, a Pikmin Tote case (last of the larger items left) and Mario Land 3 because it was the best thing left with what remained after those.

Although weirdly, the points cost for the Australian store is different, even though it's run through the EU store. Totally bizarre. Ah well. Stars all spent now. In real money terms, that's the most expensive tote bag -- most expensive bag, probably -- I'll ever own.

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Left it too late, registered things Pikmin 3, Mario Kart, DKC which went through fine.

But Bayo 1, Bayo 2 and Hyrule warriors has expired? Any reason for the later games codes stopped working? Wanted to get a coin or CD. Can see I'm too late for coin anyway.

Lost tons of points from GC era when they reset. Didnt link my Wii and DS stuff and missing the boat on the lot above.


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Well, looks like it's all over. 156 products registered since 2002 over two accounts, from the Gamecube and GBA to the Wii U and 3DS, making a total of 39720 stars.


Club Nintendo 2002-2015. So long and thanks for all the tat.

By god I just got a mail notification of your post and got a damn awful feeling in my stomach having thought you meant the club itself had finally closed and I'd have lost my 7k of stars!!

The coin looks good but a quick check and I'm not seeing it as being available. Do you know if perhaps they've all gone?

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UPDATE! Complained to Nintendo - apparently the store is open until midday today (I know it's past midday but I just managed to use up my stars) so get on it asap if you couldn't get on before - apparently go via the Nintendo.co.uk page as the Club Nintendo page is closed down.


I am sorry to hear that you have experienced an issue using the Stars Catalogue on our Club Nintendo site.

I can confirm that we are experiencing a large amount of traffic on the website which is causing a slow service, with certain sections of the website not functioning at times. This is because Club Nintendo is being discontinued on 30/09/2015.

We are now seeing that the traffic amount is now fluctuating as time is going on so we recommend continuing to check throughout the day. We have now extended the time to place orders until midday on Friday 02/10/15 as a gesture of goodwill due to the problems caused by the traffic.

Please note that all orders must be placed through the site as it not possible for us to place an order on your behalf. We are not able to facilitate the placing of individual orders once the extended time ends.

To help you out further, please try the following tips below to have your order confirmed and go through:

1. Using google chrome from a PC or Laptop, refresh the browser until the stars catalogue page has loaded. (Please ensure you are already logged in to Club Nintendo prior to this via the main home page of Nintendo.co.uk).

2. Once the page is loaded, please select the item they would wish to purchase.

3. Select the item to add to basket. In most cases, you will be experiencing a “spinning wheel” / timeout window when the item is selected. DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE. This will kick you from your space on our servers and will result in presenting a blank page.

4. Instead, please press “ESC” on their keyboard only if the wheel has appeared for more than 15 seconds. This will close the “spinning wheel” item window only, whilst keeping logged on the stars catalogue page.

5. Select the item again and it will allow you to add to basket and order their item. This is usually confirmed by entering your address for delivery and receiving confirmation that the item has been order.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may be causing, however we hope this information helps. If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will happy to assist.

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