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Life is Strange - Season 1 & Before the Storm

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3 hours ago, Mogster said:

Life Is Strange 2 is brilliant. I wrote a short write up in the completed games thread, but basically I thought it told a more mature story with a more subtle and meaningful use of the whole moral choice mechanic. That said, I still prefer the original series, which I loved to the point of reading the rather decent comics that followed it, but I think LiS2 is probably the better game.


I absolutely accept the underlying system is probably better.


The problem is right now is the story where it's just annoying kid on the run with even more annoying kid I have to babysit.


And quite apart from "Children aren't interesting" which is a matter of opinion, the likely path is rather set in if there's going to be any believeability. 2 kids just aren't going to be able to survive that process for long, they're not equipped, so either they're going to become unbelieveable super hero non-kids or the plot will be "The authorities catch up with them" and that's fine because there's nothing underlying this.  It's literally "Kid did a bad and is running from it".  There's none of "How did the time travel thing happen? What are their motivations?  Who even is the bad guy here?"  because at least most of the way through episode 1 the entire cast of character we're ever likely to see again is annoying kid and more annoying smaller kid.  They briefly introduced another adult but he's already gone.


(I may be getting some minor details wrong, it's been a year or so)


I'd love an LiS3.  But hopefully there's a larger cast of actual vaguely formed humans.

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In case it wasn't obvious as it's a Life Is Strange game, there is a supernatural element to LiS2. Even without that though, like any story about a journey it's all about what happens along the way. 


Also yes, there are more characters. ;)

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LiS2 is incredible. I can’t think of many games that have affected me as much as it did. Some scenes are just horrendous and this is how people are treated in real life! I tried so hard to do the right thing but as I saw my results come in I see how I messed up trying to juggle keeping us both safe and relatively happy. I must play again and go for a better ending. I did find it was quite easy to miss stuff which was a shame. 

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16 hours ago, Dudley said:

The problem is right now is the story where it's just annoying kid on the run with even more annoying kid I have to babysit.


And I think that hits the nail on the head on why I didn't like it.


The game was a excellently written look into the racism of America, but I wish it was told from the perspective of other characters. Maybe because I have little patience when it comes other peoples children, Daniel just being an annoying little prick for most of it, not doing what I tell him just made me want to smash my face into the wall. Bloody kids. :lol: 

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