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X-Men Apocalypse - Singer returns to direct - 2016

Professor Puzzles

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1 hour ago, Stevedave said:

Here's some more concept art.


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Mind boggling he turned out looking so shit. He was the main villain! his name's in the fucking title yet he looked like a £10 pisstake cosplay. 


Christ almighty, that's a million trillion times better than it turned out.

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Boy this is a bad movie. There were bits of it where I caught myself wondering whether it might be worse than BvS but it's not quite there. The dialogue and story are atrocious but at least the talky scenes were directed by someone who knew which way the camera should point.


Was Apocalypse meant to be a space alien or from the future or something? He had all this amazing glowing supertech and he seemed to intuitively know what a communications device like a TV was despite last being above the ground thousands of years ago.


Is there a reason why Magneto went from being his usual vengeful self at the end of DofP back to being super chill? Just Singer continuing to try to trade off what worked in First Class?

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