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X-Men Apocalypse - Singer returns to direct - 2016

Professor Puzzles

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I think the argument depends on (Werner Herzog voice) deep philosophical ambiguities regarding retroactive amnesia and the concept of agency.

I think we can all agree that erasing someone's memory of you knocking them up is a dick move though.

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After Man of Steel proved how bad you can screw up Superman, Returns doesn't seem too bad in retrospect.

Superman Returns is an awful film. Something coming after it and being a fairly different beast with the same characters doesn't make it any less awful, or any less of an artistic failure. Both films make the same kind of mistakes, but in opposite directions, which is an interesting thing to review.

Back to the X chaps though - Days Of Future Past was also pretty rubbish. This second stage of Singer's career appears to be built on taking favourite things from the collective Nerd's childhood and ruining them, including the movie series he kicked off himself.

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Days of Future past was great, reviewed really well and made a fuck ton of money. Singer's had his misteps but people talking in here like the general opinion is that he can't make a good film any more is crazy.

I can only speak for myself, but all of the best things in DoFP were built upon the foundations of First Class, while all the worst bits (and there were plenty) felt as though they came from Singer's own imagination. I thought it had its moments, but didn't really hit the highs it should have considering (a criticism I also think applies to The Wolverine).

I'd look to Apocalypse as a real measure of Singer. I think it'll be more "his" film than something riffing on bits of something he did a decade previously and a good return to form for the series in Vaughn. So, that said, Apocalypse is so many different kinds of wrong it's scary. I guess he may change size, though:

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I thought (although I've only watched DofP once) that all the mutants that didn't cross over from FC were all brutally experimented on/dissected by Trask? So she didn't "go home"...she suffered horribly and was then murdered.

YMMV on how fair that is based on their character/acting ;)

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Returns was weird because of the rape thing, but 1 had the dumb reversing time stuff and 2 had the dumb "My chest symbol can be ripped off to wrap you up and trap you, don't worry about it. This movie is a treasure. I was a child when I saw these ones so therefore they're great forever." thing.

The reversing-time stuff was supposed to be the end of 2, apparently (which Donner had filmed most of while doing the first film). Not sure who made the decision to move on the end of the first film, probably the Salkinds as a result of the deteriorating relationship with Donner and their conflicting vision.

The "ripping-insignia-off-chest" thing is all Lester though, I think.

In short, if Donner had been left alone to do all of both films, we wouldn't even be here talking about the supposed jokey bits, and it's a miracle that both films are still held up as what superhero movies should look like.

And as for the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, as long as Apocalypse is as bad-ass as he is in the 90's cartoon, then I'll be happy!

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