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Is there any way you can change weapons mid-hunt, or even anywhere that's *not* in your house? I couldn't see it. As in, can you change weapons in the lobby online?

Bizarrely, no - you have to return to your house if you want to change equipment. You remain "in" your online lobby if you move out of the Gathering Hall though, and even move straight from the Gathering Hall to your house, and back again, by using the touch-screen map, but I agree it's a little odd that there isn't a gear chest anywhere but in your house!

Hopped back online last night, but didn't have enough time to justify setting up a lobby to plough through more HR3 quests, so helped someone progress in HR2 instead (lots of capturing!), and took some time to explain how skill points work - the chap had 5 points in a bunch of different skills, and assumed he was getting some benefit from all of them. The community on this really is lovely, and you can send friend requests in-game! Revolutionary for a Nintendo console ;)

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Yeah I hate that you have to go to your house to change gear. Even more annoying that you can't change gear AT ALL of you've accepted a quest. So weird, there's literally no good reason for it. Fair enough not changing while you're on a hunt, just seems a bit daft in this day and age.

See also the item box. It should just be in your menu, just inaccessible we out hunting.

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Eugh I've met my 'mini-wall' in the Level 8 caravan Khezu quest. Bastard seems so easy to kill but when you're midway through a long GS animation and he's already loading up his Blanka-style thunderbolt I just can't get out of the way in time. I take serious damage from it too. I WILL BEAT YOU!

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Khezu is just every kind of horrible. Never mind that he's such a damage sponge, spending so much time where you basically can't hit him at all turns the fight from annoying to completely frustrating. Unquestionably my least favourite monster in the game, he's even worse than Gravios. Compare it to something like Seregios, which is an all-action fight from the first second, and it's almost like they belong in different genres. And as for Red Khezu ...

Still, at least it's not yet another Rathian subspecies. That Gold one is NOT easy!

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