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Formula One - 2015 Season


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Certainly better than the McLaren :)


This years prediction game .. I'm toying with the idea of having a penalty system, to try and reduce the scores a bit.

so there would be a new category, number of DNF's 1-20 or however many cars turn up. Five points for a correct guess, but -1 point for each number away from the correct total.

So you guess 5 cars will not finish, and only 3 fail to get to the flag . = -2 points.

It would also work both ways guess 5 DNF's, Maldonado causes carnage on the first lap and takes out 8 cars = -3 points.

It would be pretty random, and might encourage players to just leave it at 3 DNF's and take the hits. But at places like Monaco or a wet Spa you could see a high penalty.

What do you think good idea or bad, or is there something else I could do ?

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how will they monitor and regulate the CAD and CFD limitations? Surely they can sneakily do some calculations in a server hidden in the wall or something, or offshore some workload to staff member's home computers :)

Yeah I wondered that, and why the restriction at all. The restrictions are mainly there to stop costs spiralling aren't they? I like the idea of a back marker team getting ahead through clever use of software and also advancing the field trickle-down into other technologies.

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