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Formula One - 2015 Season


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Long, rambling and slightly depressing .. but enough about the race, my championship report is fantastic.
And so tot he final number ... and this years winner is ..............
Johnny5 who kept his nerve and wins with 374 points a big congratulations it was a great game and anyone could have taken it here. really, jolly well done.
He beats Roskelld by 2 points and king A by 3. A really close finish this one and you have all been superb contestants.
Charles was the highest scorere of the year with an extremely impressive 37 points.
I totally beat my brother (Arakawa Automotive) by a country mile, making up for the mugging I received in the Rugby world cup and Le Mans prediction games we played. With the Tour De France game that makes us 2 and 2 which i think is a fair result.
Last place was Makkuwata 10 points behind Rattlehead.
Thank you all for playing. I won’t be running this game next year. Its getting to stressful to run and I want to enjoy the season without having to worry about thinking up witty things to write afterwards for a change.
So once again, thank you all for playing, it has been fun.

ridgeracer ,19
King A,18
Arakawa Automotive,17
Duane Weatherall,17
Jobi Stod,11


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interesting conversation with Toto there - they gave Hmilton a choice on tyres and thus strategy.

Edit - heh, once again the winners get a woman on the podium so the arabs are forced to shake hands with one :D

What a dickhead. Did you miss that one of the trophies was presented by a woman?

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If anyone wants to run a game next year than please be my guest :)

I used a mates website and he wrote all the software for me and ran that side of things as a favour. So i don't actually have anything i can hand over, other than goodwill.

Once you get the program to calculate the points it's pretty easy to run, because i didn't know the first thing about writing code i had to manually send out the results rather than just publish the results and have the program automatically email everyone. but it was just a case of copy and paste the address each time.

The hard bit was always trying to write something witty each week. That's what take the time. Every year i claim i'll keep the writing short, but still end up with 1000 words or so.

If you want to do your own game then a ground up build incorporating the game and the words would be the best way to do it, i sort of bolted the whole thing together over time and didn't really have much input in the look of the thing, my mate was doing it for free afterall, that's why it looks so clunky.

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I think i've become a lttle jaded this year, i need a break from it.

though saying that ... if someone else did all the leg work, I might be persuaded to contribute the odd piece, maybe a monthly round up ...

It was a case of trying to find something interesting to write about dull races that dragged me down.

I'm open to offers ;)

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I thought I'd done much, much worse than that! Joint 12th with Bob himself, although I think I only changed my prediction once (I normally work Thursday evenings so kept forgetting to do it before the deadline :lol:)

Huge thanks again bob.

As for yesterdays race, best thing about it was (once again) Suzi's outfit... and Verstappen, obviously

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Er, I could potentially step into the writing void if one existed, although it would be a shame to lose your write-ups Bob as they're very good reads :).

However, if you do want a break from it then I am good to go.

Do it, kiro. :)

Back to 2015, I've been watching F1 less and less since early in the last decade and care sadly little for most of the circus in this era. There's a better world for me in bikes, Endurance, GT, V8s, DTM and the tech, sights, sounds, racing personalities and attitudes in some of those but I've always looked forward to your round-ups, Bob. Typos 'n' all, they've been fantastically entertaining year after year. Wouldn't have changed a thing! It's not often I get a chance, so I just wanted to jump in and say... thank you.

Enjoy the racing!

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