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I think they have been looking for Dan's replacement in SF since the new year, not sure about Drew's replacement. Listening between the lines to comments Jeff and Vinny made recently it sounds like the new East coast person might have been picked though. (There's one theory that it is Simone de Rochefort from Polygon, who was very obviously and obtrusively holding a Giant Bomb mug for a whole video the other day but who knows). 


That styx quick look, good god. What was the thinking in getting Brad to play a proper stealth game?  It's like getting me to quick look a zombie survival sandbox.


It is clear now the only reason the genre almost died and turned into the 'third person shooter with optional hiding' subgenre because so many games journalists are like Brad. 

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9 hours ago, fragglerock said:

with Brad being weirdly awkward throughout!


He was feeling the pressure of being the host and having no real back up. It was an odd episode all round, really, and just underlines the fact that they need to get on and hire someone.

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On 2017-4-3 at 15:38, tyler said:

Thanks, anything I should be aware of before paying for premium? Any offers / refer a friend deals or such like.


On 2017-4-3 at 17:18, deerokus said:

If you're buying a yearly pass it is best to wait for a sale as the voucher for the merch store you are effectively paying for at the full price isn't as useful in the UK thanks to shipping costs (although these have got much cheaper recently). New members usually get a slightly bigger discount than renewals too.  It works out as saving of about £15 I think. 


They have those sales two or three times a year, I think there might be one next month as they had one in May last year and I vaguely recall them usually doing them around that time in other years. 


Might be worth paying for a monthly sub just to try it out first. (That said, apparently Rorie is pretty good about giving out partial refunds if you get caught out by sales right after buying a year) 


Premium Sale is on now. $35 to extend your membership or $30 for new subscribers.

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Looks like new hires are being announced Monday. They hinted at some big stuff coming soon when mentioning the sale on last week's bombcast. Jeff also said that Monday would be a 'special day' and that he was looking forward to it at the end of UPF last night. Might just be another Battlegrounds stream though. He seems pretty into that.

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