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8 hours ago, bear said:

I think Jasons love of Streetfighter will swing the hottest mess award SFVs way in much the same way Drew's love of Halo was the clincher for Master Chief Collection. 


Have they ever done a top ten list without a single Nintendo game? Picross 3D 2 is the only one I can think of that might make the list this year. 


Would love for someone to champion Tokyo Mirage Sessions but I don't think anyone has played it (maybe Alex). And I don't know how into Pokemon Sun people are. Though I can see Jeff making a push for Popplio as best character.

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23 hours ago, Pungee said:

I'd bet good money on GOTY being Doom. I can't remember both Jeff and Brad being so passionate about a new game since I started listening to the Bombcast, then it got nothing but glowing feedback from the others as they caught up and played through it. 


I think The Witness will be very close. Top 3 for sure. 

it is kinda weird how little discussion the witness generated following release though. same thing with inside. maybe the latter on account of how short it was. seems like other games were part of the conversation longer. I actually doubt witness will feature in the top 3 of the overall list come to think of it. I think it will be doom, titanfall and hitman in whatever order. 

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Not got that far yet. I had to stop to watch this new game tapes kinda special they just put up. It's just them watching an old Gamespot at E3 documentary from 2005.


I did watch the Best Old Game category though.


Jeff managing to single handheld get Mario Maker on there. I think that confirms Doom for GOTY. Or maybe even Superhot.

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I miss the award recap vids as well.


I can't say I'm that sold on anything they've done on day one of the awards. I've never seen the appeal of the game tapes stuff, let alone watching a documentary of themselves... And whilst Hitman is obviously great, I'd sooner see a 10, 15 minute skit with the awards recap than 2 hours of Hitman.


Podcast was decent though, even if you can see the pattern already again. Jeff choice wins when he wants it to win. That there was even a discussion on Old Game of the Year is almost stupid. I struggle to remember a single player game that has maintained such good word of mouth and quality across DLC a year post release. And it almost begrudgingly won.

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Yeah it looks like they've instead recorded a series of miscellaneous shows under the 'Holiday Specialtacular' banner.  The Hitman video & that bewildering video where they watch a documentary about themselves for 2 hours are already out, and "East Meets VR" comes out today at 6pm (GMT)

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