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FTL VIII - Auction Thread


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Why i fucking hate iPhone's. I always keep my phone on lowest brightness to save battery. I went out at 7, barely used it other than Checking the threads once or twice and by 8:05 it died...


Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid


wages 0.260


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Cheers Wincho! Great work as always.

That's me all done as far as non FTL goes and have to say that was a piece of piss. 3 players of absolute quality and not a single challenge. You lot are mental!!

Head over to the transfer thread to see what players I will now be letting go for min prices...

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To be honest I've not switched Fifa on and looked at my team. So my 2 non FTLs will be chosen wisely to fill the gaps over the next 2 nights.

You lot pick who you want as I'll have 75mil to be unchallenged with :) (wages are of course going to be a problem)

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