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FTLVIII - League Table


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Ok mate it's a date, wear something nice for me.

I used to wear a towel for BAP years ago after footy. I'll get it out again.



09:10pm - Al

09:30pm - Jamin

09:50pm - Gooner

10:10pm - Steely

Just saw your after BAP message I'll see you then.


Gooner tonight 10pm

Graham straight after BAP

Mardigan, when can I slip you in chap?

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Liverpool (MardiganX) 2 - 0 Man City (Alfromsleep)

Goals - Sterling (2)

No injuries

Liverpool started well and didn't let up the whole game. Sterling scored his first after a nice run cutting in from the right and then grabbed his second with a header after his shot hit the post and rolled out for Schurrle to cross. Liverpool hit the woodwork another 4 times with Schurrle and substitute Gerrard being frustrated so it could have been more. Bony looked threatening for Man City but Sakho had his best game of the season against him.

Good game Al. My attack felt really fluid tonight after really struggling the last few games so happy with that. Gutted you saved that pen with Sterling on a hat trick but it was a poor hit from him. All the best for your remaining games.

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Baring 5-4 Mardigan

No injuries

I was 4-1 up and we restarted after a disconnect. Mardigan smashed me and I was very thankful for the whistle at 3-1 down.

Thanks for the games Gooner and Mardigan good luck in the final games.

Just Graham and I'm done, it's been fun.

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