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FTLVIII - League Table


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Good report Sean and can't argue with any of it. Being rusty is getting me punished plus me getting frustrated toward the end of games is ruining my goal difference, haha.

Result and details confirmed. Gerrards injury is unrecoverable so he will have to sit out the remainder of this half of the season. For an 82 overall rated midfielder he really does offer very little in terms of what you need in FIFA.

West Ham (Shalo) 0 - 2 Liverpool (MardiganX)

Goals - Lucas, Sturridge

Injuries - Coutinho (Sponge please - 1 remaining now)

Finally started to feel a bit more like myself at the start of this game and just a shame I had to receive 2 skelpings before it happened. Liverpool started bright with the energetic midfield 3 of Lucas, Naingollan and Coutinho driving them on. Lucas opened the scoring after powering home a half volley following good work by Lukaku around the 20 minute mark. The remainder of the half belonged to West Ham though as Mignolet had to make a couple of smart saves to keep his team ahead.

2nd half was much more even with Sturridge causing problems on the left wing while Naingollan was a rock in the centre of midfield. West Ham were awarded a stone wall penalty in the 78th minute but Sakho blazed it over the bar after doing a fancy run up. With West Ham stretched Liverpool secured the win in the 87th minute as Sturridge tucked the ball home from 10 yards out.

Good solid game Shalo and like I said finally starting to get to grips with things again. Mignolet had a smashing game for me but to be fair I was due that after the way my games with Bennette and Sean went, haha. All the best for the rest of your games man.

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He's by far my best player, hopefully i can last 4 games without him. But i do still have Steely and Jamin to play :facepalm:


What was he doing still on the pitch when you were 5-0 up already?

Protect your best players and withdraw them from the action when the game is already won/lost

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Swansea 1 - 1 Chelsea

Cork Costa

Injuries: Herrera, Gomis, Costa

Pretty tight game with Hazard proving to be a total pain in the ass with his speed. Second half Swansea gave everything but were kept at bay. Swans unbeaten run continues!

Cheers for the game Wincho, fun game with THREE injuries! Gutted to lose them two - I bet Cary wish you'd played me first this evening! Good luck for the rest mate.

lol gomis is a animal.
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​Manchester United 5 Manchester City 4

GG Al, you were very unfortunate in that to lose especially with the winner coming from a headed rebound from McGeady in the 89th minute, Reus was no-match for former teammate Sokratis at the back as he hammered 3 past Joe Hart.

I felt from the start that you were gonna thrash me. You did extremely well to get back in the game aswell after being 4-1 down. Again very unlucky and very harsh. By far the most entertaining game of the season so far for me that i have participated in, good luck for the rest of your season.

No Injuries.





Top scorers




Jose Enrique-1




Swansea 6 - 1 Manchester City

Kone x2 Kompany

Dyer x3


No injuries to either side. Thankfully.

With Gomis and Herrera out injured for this game, Montero and new signing Kone had to step up and they delivered absolutely brilliantly. Kone got the first on 16th min, Kompany was then in at the near post from a corner to level matters up within 5 minutes. From the resulting kick off Swansea decided to bomb forward and were rewarded as Kone grabbed his second, before Dyer rattled in a hat-trick in the second half with Cork putting the finishing touches on a close to perfect performance.

- - - -

GG Al, feel for you a bit in the second half as all my attacks just seemed to come off perfectly. My guys were just quicker all about the pitch in truth. Harsh scoreline but well played nonetheless. Good luck for the rest of the season mate.

Cheers for the games lads, despite getting nothing for my efforts I was happy with the way I played, especially in the second half v Benette (when I was robbed of a point by a Hart Howler) and the first half v Sean (I went all out to get back into it in the second half and Dyer opened my defence like a tin of beans)

Highlights v Man U

Sorry Sean, I thought our (ok, more like your ;)) highlights had recorded but I must have not set it to start :facepalm:

Mardigan, never saw your message pop up last night, sorry man, I'll be on tonight so if anyone wants to play fire me a message. Prefer after Champs League on the tv

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Andy - I'm not making 2 o clock mate. Been dragged out with the wife and kids and whilst I've managed to avoid bowling (by taking two cars so I can come home!) I can't avoid the carnage of a lunch out with them

Mardigan - I'll be home for our date at 3pm

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No worries Wincho - I've sent mine to clubs today but have the joy of taking them to London tomorrow after which I'll be having a nervous breakdown and scheduling a second vasectomy to make sure.

I'm around on Friday if that's any good, if not we can sort it out one evening.

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No worries Wincho - I've sent mine to clubs today but have the joy of taking them to London tomorrow after which I'll be having a nervous breakdown and scheduling a second vasectomy to make sure.

I'm around on Friday if that's any good, if not we can sort it out one evening.

Friday most likely good mate
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Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool

Lukaku got a header for Liverpool on 10 mins but apart from that the Chelsea back line was rarely tested

Up the other end there were more attempts (14 with 7 on target versus 5 with 3 on target for Liverpool) however I never quite got that golden opportunity to score. Went close with headers from corners, one in particular coming back off the bar but Mardigan held in and kept me shooting from range more often than not

No injuries for either side

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Can't argue with that Wincho. I shuffled things slightly at half time and it got me out a bit more but the majority of the game I was under the cosh. Refreshing actually being able to hold a decent line for a change. Defence positioned itself well but midfield 3 were just doing whatever they wanted leaving huge gaps at times, very annoying.

Mignolet was massive for me again and Lukaku is so much better than his 80 overall rating suggests. Strength!!

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At the wind up about getting on Cary? Haven't seen you on all night.

Man City (Alfromsleep) 2 - 2 Liverpool (MardiganX)

Goals - Naingollan, Sturridge

No injuries

Liverpool controlled the start of the game and took a deserved lead through Naingollan before Sturridge made it two, latching onto a lovely through ball from Sterling and driving home. Man City threatened as the game approached half time and carried that into the second half as they pulled one back around 70 minute mark through Cuadrado. The equaliser came with 5 minutes to go when James Rodriguez somehow out muscles and out jumped Alaba to head home. I had forgotten the rules of physics don't apply when a cross comes into the box in FIFA so this was a nice reminder. Liverpool came close to grabbing a late winner but couldn't carve out a goal from their pressure.

Well played Al. Thought I was well in control until, as usual, I was left exposed in the midfield on the counter attack and then Aguero really came into the game from there. A very tight game. All the best in the rest of your games man.

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Man City 2 - 2 Liverpool

No injuries

Liverpool went in at half time with a deserved 2-0 lead but City pulled one back not long into the second half but the turning point was when Lukaku rattled the inside of the post with a drive. Shortly after this, Aguero broke down the left and swung in a cross for. Rodriguez to score a rare header. Ivanovic had a chance to win it late on but the City boss has pleased to see the chance fall to the big defender, rather than a forward, as the opportunity went begging

Cheers Mardigan, I think you shaded it overall so I'm happy with a point

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Middlesbrough (Steely) 2 - 3 Liverpool (MardiganX)

Goals - Lukaku (2), Sterling

No injuries

Liverpool feared the worst going into this game after the heavy opening defeats but it seems things are starting to click for the Merseyside boys. After keeping things tight early on Liverpool were able to make their chances count as Lukaku scored a quick fire double. The big Belgian has been getting better with every game and really made a statement with this powerful performance. Shortly before half time he was involved again as Sterling made it 3-0, but they were almost immediately pegged back as Middlesborough punished some sloppy passing in the Liverpool defence.

The 2nd half was much the same with Middlesborough pressing all over the park and Liverpool looking to Lukaku to get them up the park. Both teams had chances but it wasn't until the final few minutes when he next goal arrived and it ensured a nervy stoppage time for Liverpool as they fought to defend their lead. Lukaku had a great chance late on to put the game to bed but when clean through and about to shoot he was fumbled into from behind, leaving substitute Mirallas to blaze the resultant free kick over the bar. Fanny! A strong 3 points for this ever improving Liverpool side.

Tough game as always Steely and after letting you back with that gift at 3-1 I was fighting desperately to keep the lead. Disappointed with out of shape my midfield and defence was for your late 2nd goal but FIFA loves a counter following a corner / free kick it really does. All the best in your other games man.

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I would've came on to play again tonight but i'd had enough of FIFA bullshit for one night.

I was in my last game of Division 1 on UT and i needed 1 point to win the league, after going 3-0 up the game started just being absolute bs not doing what i want it to with sloppy passes etc. anyway... this guy makes it 3-3 and has a corner in the 90th minute in which he crosses straight at my goalie only for the cross to be intercepted by a diving header from Yaya (my player) into my own net. Fucking Pisstake

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Swansea 5 - 2 Middlesbrough

Kone x4 Wildschut

Dyer Diaby

Injuries: Emnes

Such an end to end game this one. In fairness I didn't think it would be like that given the gulf in team quality but Boro were more than a match for Swansea for majority of the game. It was only in the 88th min that Kone was able to make it 4-2 and finish the tie off. Swansea were very clinical in this one with that lad Kone doing the business again. The guy is absolutely brilliant... touch of class purchasing that one!

Well played Steel, most entertaining game of the season thus far. Unlucky end result tbh, wasn't a 5-2 game. Good luck for the rest mate.

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