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FTLVIII - League Table


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The Boro boys were just on song for this one, I could certainly semse the frustration in the way Bennette was playing but it was like an FA cup tie in terms of my boys just seemed more up for it and the bounces worked in my favour. Cheers for the game mate.

Yeh your first goal annoyed me too much which put me a downward path after i was holding R1 instead of R2 like a dipshit and vertonghen let your through ball roll through his legs.

GG mate well played, was too annoyed at the end to upload a match report and can't entirely remember much now

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Swansea 1-2 Watford

Diame set Watford on their way with a booming shot off the bar from 25-30 yards

Vydra put Watford 2-0 up but Swansea kept knocking.

Elia finally pulled one back on 86 minutes to setup a tense finale but Watford saw out the pressure.

Well played Sean, cftg.

No injuries

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Watford edge 11 goal thriller at Anfield.

Liverpool 5-6 Watford

Watford took the lead against the run of play when Vydra hit a beautiful shot from 35 yards which flew into the Liverpool net.

Liverpool came roaring back scoring 3 very quick goals which saw Watford switch to a more attacking style.

Vydra scored another 3 before Chopperdigan snapped him, but Aubameyang and Deeney put Watford 6-3 up before 2 late Liverpool headers made it more respectable.

GG Mards.

Vydra injured.

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Liverpool (MardiganX) 5 - 6 Watford (Gooner)

Goals - Lukaku (2), Sturridge (2), Markovic

Injuries - Vydra

Defences on top. Almost everything that players hit went in. I got a stone wall penalty while Gooner was awarded one of the softest pens I have ever seen. His striker missed the shot and his momentum after the shot made him bang into Sakho. Penalty. Pish. I was 3-1 ahead at one point and gifted a couple of goals to let Gooner back in so I really should have tightened things up when I went ahead as I had been doing that well in all my games after my 2 opening skelpings. Mignolet didn't make a single meaningful save but Watford keeper made at least 3 saves preventing goals. Overall a draw would have been fairer but with a scoreline as ridiculous as this it was anyone's game.

Well played Gooner. Your horribly boring 5-3-1-1 formation made it an interesting game :lol: myself to blame for not shutting the game out but it was a complete circus as far as defending goes, haha.

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It's. 5-2-1-2 I didn't do anything to watford's system, I was blessed with 3 very very quick wing backs until Jamin stole Anya, so I left the defence as it was but added to the midfield and attack.

It was like we were having a personal goal of the season tourney though.

Mine and your first goals were brilliant and then Auba's was a stunner as well.

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Mignolets gormless stance as Aubameyangs effort dipped in was a disgrace! Plus that streak of pishs shooting and finishing is shocking for a striker so he had no right to score it.

I was laughing when Lukaku's strike went in because I thought it was going to head for the corner flag, haha. Some great goals mate!

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Anyone about tonight at 9ish?


Had a wee look at the table... interesting to see that Cary has played 3.5 games! And earned 0.5 of a draw from that half a game too.

Share us your secrets Cary.


Anyone else I haven't played yet about this evening?

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Chelsea 2-4 Watford

First 10 minutes and I thought this might be the first win. 1-0 up through Hazard and then I hit the post but Gooner managed to get one back and it seemed to swing the game in his favour. The momentum stayed with him until the end despite me getting an equaliser with Fabregas to go in 2-2 at half time

Injuries for Fabregas and Ashley Young won't help either side

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Chelsea 2-4 Watford

Hazard put Chelsea ahead finishing a slick move, Watford were worried at that point and shortly after Costa hit the post with a header from the centre of the box.

Watford responded with a sharp move down the right releasing Aubameyang who finished nicely, and then they pushed on to dominate the middle of the park with Diame and Coquelin controlling things pretty well.

Deeney put Watford ahead but Fabregas nicked what seemed like an unlikely equaliser just before half time.

Second half was mainly Watford with Chelsea's defence parting like a brass' spreads her legs allowing Young and Deeney to finish Chelsea off.

Young and Fabregas injured

Cftg Wincho, think you were unlucky to be honest, would have been very different if that Costa header went in.

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